pls delete msg

pls delete msg

No worries at all…

I don’t like msg either. It makes me hyper after a Chinese meal.



Only if u delete mine first. :wink:

I wonder if a self Delete Mode is possible ?

Monosodium glutamate should really be deleted from the global diet in my opinion.:harp:

Could we delete chook off the family menu as well ?

Really?? Chook is the new global staple. Snags should go before chook, in my humble opinion. :nunchuk:

Well, even when I was knee high to a Grasshopper, my mother would try to convince me that what she laid before me was not chook… But I knew better…
I just refused to eat it… I have always been a firm believer, that everyone is entitled
To not like one thing… And chook has always been my one thing,
So, snags can stay in our house,:tiphat:

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