Pls give me details information about puritanism


what is puritanism?was it a part of catholic churchor totally different?were they abusive?were their belief like mormons?or others?do they belive in trinity?i read about them on wikipedia but that was not pls give me a details information about their faith,about trinity,salvation et christ


No, they were a Protestant sect.

Abusive? Not that I heard of but they did have a very active hand in the witch trials around Salem.

Not like Mormons, since they predated them.

So far as I know they were trinitarian in their beliefs.

As Perry Miller points out, they inherited Renaissance humanism just as they inherited the Reformation, and so held an interesting place for reason in their overall beliefs. The Puritan idea of “Covenant Theology” describes how “after the fall of man, God voluntarily condescended…to draw up a covenant or contract with His creature in which He laid down the terms and conditions of salvation, and pledged Himself to abide by them” (Miller, I: 58). The doctrine was not so much one of prescription as it was of explanation: it reasoned why certain people were saved and others were not, it gave the conditions against which one might measure up one’s soul, and it ensured that God would abide by “human conceptions of right and justice”–“not in all aspects, but in the main” (Miller, I: 58). The religious agency for the individual Puritan was then located in intense introspection, in the attempt to come to an awareness of one’s own spiritual state. As with the Pilgrims, the world, history, everything for the Puritan became a text to be interpreted. One could not expect all of God’s actions to be limited by one’s ideas of reason and justice, but one at least had a general sense, John Cotton’s “essentiall wisdome,” as guidance. And of course, one had the key, the basis of spiritual understanding, the foundational text and all-encompassing code, the Bible.

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*]Approximate date of Puritanism in England: 1550-1700
*]Theology - Calvinist (usually)
*]- which means they were Trinitarian, & so, completely unlike the Mormons.[/LIST]It’s hard to tell how much information you want: any Reformed site should be able to tell you all you could possibly want to know :slight_smile:

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