Pls give Protestant explanation for Jesus' sinlessness, as born from Mary


What are the Protestant explanations for Jesus, son of Mary, being born sinless, if Mary wasn’t sinless?


You might want to ask in the non-Catholic forum here or on a different forum altogether where Protestants can answer. But I’m sure many would say there’s no reason why Jesus couldn’t have been born of a sinful person.


under non catholic forum, do you mean Protestants shouldn’t post on this board?

plus, I don’t see how He can be born of Mary’s fown flesh and blood (egg), and be sinless, if Mary was fallen and had her own sin.

Her egg would be tainted with it, and He had to be from her egg, if He would be the bloodline from King David as the bible says elsewhere.


The Catholic Church only claims that it was fitting that the Virgin Mary was immaculately conceived; it does not claim that there was an absolute necessity that she be immaculately conceived. Think about it; if Mary had to be immaculately conceived in order for Jesus to be immaculately conceived, then it would logically follow that all of Mary’s ancestors going all the way back to Adam and Eve would also have to be immaculately conceived. If, however, by a special grace from God, the Virgin Mary could be immaculately conceived of fallen parents, then, by a similar special grace from God, Jesus Christ could be immaculately conceived of the Virgin Mary even if she had a fallen nature.


There is a section here on Catholic Answers forum called “Non-Catholic Religions”. There are many threads there to discuss different beliefs and how they compare and contrast to Catholicism.


you should ask this in the proper sub forum. You also make a one size fits all assumption about Protestants and that there is going to be one answer to this which all Protestants will agree on. Most Protestants believe that Jesus was sinless because He is the Son of God. You also make mistaken assumptions about Jesus sinlessness as being from Mary which it is not, Jesus is sinless because He is God which both Protestants and Catholics do agree on. Mary’s sinless state has more to do with a special grace and protection from God in order for Mary to beable to have and give birth to God.


This isn’t a good approach because the simple, and correct answer is that it was not necessary for Jesus to be born of a sinless mother. We believe it to be because it was fitting, but not necessary.


Given the number of different Protestant viewpoints, a complete answer to that question would fill several volumes.

However, it might be worth noting that a few of us do not hold a view that anyone is born sinful.


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