Pls. pray for the lady on the plane who made some rude remarks to me & my crying 6-month old!


(I posted this on the "Parenting’ forum, but wanted to post it here, too):

I was on the airplane today with my dh and my two young sons. We were on a flight home from a very pleasant trip to visit my in-laws. My younger son (6 months old) was fine on the plane, except for when we started to descend and the air pressure started to bother him. At that point, he started crying unconsolably until we landed about 10 minutes later. An older lady seated one row behind me pointed to the cup with a straw that I had in front of me and said, “Can’t you give him some juice? Or maybe some water?” and I replied, “no, I breastfeed. He doesn’t drink juice or water.” (btw, the cup with the straw was for my older son). Then she looked at me and said, “Well, can’t you give him a pacifier?” I replied, “no, I don’t own any pacifiers. I don’t give him one.” Then she rolled her eyes at me! :eek:

Thank God for the very nice man seated in the row in front of me who tried to comfort my little one and smiled at us the entire time he was crying. I really wasn’t prepared for that lady’s rude remarks (or attitude)!

I have no reason for writing this, other than to vent! And please pray for that lady’s rudeness, and that my heart may be calmed!

Have a blessed day!


I will pray for you, and also for people to have more patience with babies who are crying (in airplanes, or in church!) :gopray:


Father, bless SDMom with the courage and strength of heart which you gave your own mother, our mother, Mary. That she would endure the hardships with her child in spirit and not worry needlessly but be confident in your love and protection for him. Asking this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


I breastfeed still (almost 2yrs!!) but when I traveled when she was younger I worried abt the same thing. May this woman be blessed with an understanding of how good and complicated breastfeeding can be for both mother and baby. May she have a better day than the way it started out.

And as for you SDMom, be blessed to know that you have others to turn to, and blessing come to both you and your little baby!!


I am sorry some people react that way without compassion for others.

Dear Lord , help us to have compassion and love for our neighbor in all things. We thank you Lord for all your many blessings. Amen


Thank you all for your prayers and words of comfort. May our good Lord bless all of you with peace, happiness, and joy! Amen. :signofcross:


Praying for that passenger and praying for your heart to be at peace.


Will keep in prayer those who lack understanding and patience with children and babies…




I’m sorry this woman hurt your feelings. It just goes to show that we have to be aware of our reactions to others- a little kindness and understanding and tolerance can go a long way. I’m praying for all of you.


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