Pluralism - the uber-heresy of Americanism today; what can Catholics do to fight it?


Pluralism is the philosophy that all ideas are given equal treatment and freedom; for example, both “pro-choice” and “pro-life” in regards to abortion are equally moral positions to hold, and there can be no real debate regarding the truth of either position.

I do realize that the VAST majority of Catholics here on these boards would fall, naturally, in the “pro-life” camp, but, sadly, that is not the case across the spectrum of America - there is some large percentage of Catholics that support at least some platforms of the “pro-choice” movement, if not complete backing.

I don’t want this to be a discussion about abortion, I was just using that as an example. What I do want to discuss is what faithful Catholics can do to fight this pluralism in America, and how that heretical mindset influences Catholics and their dealings with American society.



Pray for them.


Pluralism in religious matters is the doctrine of what I refer to as The Atomic Church of Me.

If all religions are equal, none more valid than any other, I can simply pick whichever one I like or make up my own: The Atomic Church of Me. It is an alien way of thinking which is becoming the majority view, thanks in part to High Priestess Oprah.

You don’t hear the Bible quoted much on TV in America today, but if you do, you can bet your life it will be this verse: “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. You can wear dental floss underwear to church in America today, but God forbid you “pass judgment” on someone doing so.

What to do about it?

Well, we can start by learning how to think and reason.

Since our schools no longer teach such things, we’ll have to take a different tack.

What I try to do is break down my arguments very simply, number them, and explain them as though talking to a small child. This is not because people on this forum are stupid—far from it. It is because many of us have never learned argumentation, logic, or even English composition. That is not our fault. We paid our taxes and received Political Correctness instead of Education in return.

Catholics have two advantages here. The first is that our schools are far superior to public schools, chiefly because they educate rather than babysit. The second is that the Catholic Church has been under assault since its inception and has had to develop its rhetorical and logical muscles. If you read any Catholic literature, you can absorb these skills by osmosis even if you’ve never had the pleasure of being tortured by a Jesuit schoolmaster.

We can model these argumentation and critical thinking skills for others. We can also demand that they respond in kind. Americans are naturally competitive and resent to the marrow the notion that they are average even if the Pluralists demand they be.

Once critical thinking skills exist and are exercised, a curious thing happens—one begins to separate the excellent from the mediocre. One begins to develop taste.

Taste is the Kryptonite of pluralism.

As my wife and I began to investigate Catholicism, we rediscovered high church music. It is hard to go back to bubblegum pop when you’ve heard Beethoven’s 9th Symphony or Bach’s Cantatas or Verdi’s operas. In a way, discernment ruins your ability to tolerate mediocrity.

It can be hard at first. It’s easy to simply believe someone who prefers Warhol to Michelangelo to be a fool. It is not a matter of preference, but one of taste. If someone’s incapable of differentiating between the transcendent art that is the Sistine Chapel and Day-Glo colored soup cans, it is very easy to dismiss them as madmen.

Instead, we need to expose them to the finest art of our civilization. Shakespeare. Dante. Da Vinci. Raphael. Rembrandt. Mozart. Augustine. Aquinas.

Every work of genius underscores the sublime potential of the human mind and erodes the mediocre. It hones judgment.

And judgment annihilates pluralism.


It’s really very simple. The bishops need to grow spines and make more liberal use of the medicinal remedy of excommunication.


I agree. It’s the same in Canada and probably in Europe too. The ultimate politcally-correct belief is that any point of view is just as good as any other point of view. One belief is pretty much the same as any other. So the next stage along becomes: Why bother having any belief at all?


While I definitely would like to see a few people excommunicated, if used too liberally excommunications can create schism. I’d be happy to settle for bishops growing spines and remembering that their primary job is to teach the absolute truths of the the faith. If all the bishops did their job, the laity would be unable to remain complacent. They would either decide to get in line with their Ordinary and the Pope or get tired of listening and leave.


The number 1 thing that needs to be changed is the way bishops are selected.

No bishop should have anything whatsoever to do with the naming of his successor.

That way a pope can break the cycle of the same old same old!


Pluralism, Diversity*, Tolerance*: all dogmas of the new religion of Political Correctness. A kind of Pantheism.

What to do? Strongly teach the Catholic Faith. Evangelize at home and throughout the world.

But in the end, much/most of the world will fall by the wayside, turning away from God and the true faith.

  • I’m referring to their liberal, politically correct usages.


I think schism causes excommunication, not the other way around.

Pope Leo X was tolerant of Luther to a fault.


Create schism? What sort of cohesive Church is it where there exist large coalitions composed of individuals that are essentially Catholic in name only? This schism you fear is already here, my friend. If more excommunications serve to make this reality more apparent, I say we should welcome it. It will show up those postmodern Catholics up to be the heretics they are and preserve the impressionable from their lies.


I didn’t say excommunication shouldn’t be used. I would love to see excommunication latae sentencae (sp?) of pro-abortion politicians enforced. Same with those who call themselves Catholic but publicly preach scandal. But look at the way the Vatican handles the SSPX, it excommunicated the leading bishops but is very careful to leave the door open for those who particiapate in SSPX Masses to come back.

And for the average layman I think that a more liberal denial of communion for those who publicly sin and don’t go to confession would be much more effective than excommunication. Of course with the way many parishes use EHMCs so… well… ordinarily, I don’t know how this would be possible. But that’s a topic for another thread

Anyway, wherever excommunication is used it must also be backed with good solid teaching. I think the Bishops have to do the teaching first, maybe after bishops find their teaching spine excommunications might be able to be used more liberally. Then again, with stronger teaching there might not be the need.


You gotta be kidding? The church who hates everyone but a fetus.
The “True Church” who abuses children. Hypocrites! Your statues and holy water will not save you. You deny the Gospel for your dogma’s how sad.


Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel. :eek:


Educate Catholic youth in philosophy (with special attention to logical fallacy).

Watch TV for ten minutes - especially the news or a call-in political program if you can stomach it - and see how many logical fallacies you can count.

Is a good place for adults to start.

Begin to show people some of these gems of reasoning and they will understand why attempting to reconcile all points of view is as equal is a fool’s erand.


Or for homework, let’s start to consider the logical fallacies found herein:



The sky is falling! Let’s just hate everyone. Protestants, Jews, etc. No wonder the church is so boring. Put on chastity belts and lock your windows, We need blessed bees wax and a few crosses.
Superstitious Nonsense.:smiley:


Be a Torchbearer of the Queen–the torch being the flame of charity. Bring the world the light they so desperately need. Do penance for others and share the Gospel always in a spirit of charity.

Also, ask Our Lady of America for here intercession:


Well, HERE’s somebody who’ll never be accused of being “too pluralistic”!


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you don’t seem to know anything about catholicism, but if you want to learn, i will try to help you.

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