Plz pray for my husband's dying grandfather

Hi all,
You all have been so wonderful to me before with your prayers that I know I would be able to count on you.

I want to ask you if you could please pray for my husband’s grandfather, Ignacio. We received a phone call today from my husband’s mom saying her father was taken to the hospital because ( I don’t know the name of it) the intestine that goes to his stomach has ruptured and he can no longer eat. Therefore, the doctors are saying he does not have much longer to live.

I am asking for your prayers, please. Please pray for my husband’s grandfather. We are not sure if it is his time to go or not, so please pray that our Lord’s will be done in his life. Please pray so that he does not suffer in pain because of this. If it is not his time, pray he recovers and is healthy. If it is his time, pray for his soul.

My mother-in-law, Carlota, (from past experience) is a very, very weak person(mentally) and is not good with ANY type of stress and in turn my husband, Mario, suffers very, very much because of this. He carries the burden of her weakness by worrying and trying to make things right for her at all costs. This drains him and us very much. She needs alot of comfort and support always. She is very fragile, mentally. Please pray that our Lord will fill her with His peace, comfort and strength that she needs. Also, pray for my husband’s strength, peace and comfort. Pray for my husband, his mom and family to accept God’s will if it is time for grandfather to pass.

Pray for me too so that I can be a good wife and daughter-in-law during these difficult times.

God Bless you.

Thank you in advance.

You’re in my prayers.

Praying for all the intentions that you mentioned.:gopray:

Cagrl, you can always count on everyone at CAF when you are in need of prayer!!

I’m praying for you, your husband, your mother-in-law, and her father now!!

Thank you all for your comfort and support. I truly appreciate all of you on this forum. You are all truly a blessing to me. :angel1:


My prayers for Grandfather, that God’s will be done. Prayers to Saint Dymphna for your mother-in-law and to St. Joseph for your husband. And may the Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for you, my dear. Happy to pray and hope you continue to find comfort here.

Very sweet words that you and all give. Thank you again. I can truly feel the love in this forum. May God be with each and every one of you always.

Praying for your intention.

We just got a phone call this morning (3 a.m.) from husband’s mother who went to see her father who is out of state and she stated that he had just passed away. They called a priest to do the Anointing of the Sick because they suspected he was about to pass and sure enough he did. Please continue to pray for his soul now that he’s passed.

I have another thing that is concerning me and I need your suggestions.

We are assuming that his funeral will probably be Friday or Saturday. Well, my concern is that my sister is getting married through the Catholic Church on Saturday and both my husband and I are part of her wedding party. My husband says he is going out of state for sure for the funeral. But as for me, I am not sure what to do. Do I tell my sister about my husband’s grandfather passing and tell her that we have to leave the state for grandfather’s funeral? Or do I tell my husband I am not going with him to the funeral? What do I do?

Any suggestions and, of course, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Praying for you now to make the right decision… I left you a post on the other board…


Prayers. :gopray2:

I went ahead and talk with my husband and sister and decided to go with my husband to Chicago for the funeral. We got back yesterday evening. Thank you so much all for your attention and support to my situation.

Praying for Ignacio’s repose…

Will keep your intentions in prayer…

Thanks again.

God Bless you

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