PM ate the wafer, aide says

Video appears to show prime minister taking but not consuming communion host at LeBlanc funeral

Jul 08, 2009 11:23 AM
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Richard J. Brennan

OTTAWA — A spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is denying reports he received a sacramental communion wafer recently at Roméo LeBlanc’s Roman Catholic funeral mass and pocketed it instead of consuming it.

Our Prime minister is protestant the fact that went to receive the communion is indicative of his ignorance and disrespect to the catholic faith.

What also upsetting is that the Toronto Star is calling it a wafer instead of a host.:mad:

Neil MacCarthy, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Toronto, explained that Harper should not have accepted the communion given that he isn’t Roman Catholic.

“In the Roman Catholic faith we say that Roman Catholics are the only ones who should present themselves for communion because we believe that are actually consuming the body and blood of Jesus Christ,” he told the Toronto Star.

MacCarthy said he is sure Harper meant no disrespect but should have politely declined by crossing his arms over his chest. “We encourage those who are non-Catholic … to present themselves for a blessing (instead),” he said.

Well, it is a wafer. The Star refers to it as a host later in the article. However, if they had called it a host from the start, without defining what that was, many readers might then think the PM ate the person hosting the mass.

Besides, assuming the consecration was valid, the host/wafer is merely an accident, and the PM really ate the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.

Well at least this news item might make people a little more educated about this. Harper should have known better.

Our Parish Priest’s pet peeve.

Actually, our Parish Priest doesn’t want it called the Host. It’s Jesus. He IS okay with The Blessed Sacrament, but still prefers “Jesus” because of those who may not know what the words “Blessed Sacrament” mean.


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