Pocket Gospels


Today Pope Francis distributed to the crowds gathered at his angelus address free pocket sized copies of the gospels and the book of acts. I have heard that these were a special printing and will not be for sale.

Does anyone know where I may be able to find a similar book of the New Testament or just the Gospels that can actually fit in my pocket? I have had a few of those Gideon NT but I have lost them all in the past. Any suggestions?



If you want a pocket-size Gospel, just go to your nearest Catholic Book Store.
Or, go to ANY website that sells books, you know, like Amazon.

The Rosary is your pocket sized gospel silly lol :rotfl:

In response to you question this is the 1st I heard, so I don’t know.

sorry I couldn’t resist the joke. :smiley:


I answered this question at this thread: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=11224235

My favorite: Confraternity Edition New Testament scepterpublishers.org/product/index.php?FULL=565

Available on Amazon: amazon.com/Testament-Challoner-Rheims-Confraternity-Christian-Doctrine/dp/0933932774

It has a built in schedule for reading with a passage from the Gospels and from the Epistles for everyday.

You recommended the same one as I did while I was still posting.

Glad we’re in agreement at least.:thumbsup:


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