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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am hoping someone on the forums can help me out. I am looknig for a Catholic pocket NT.

I received this pocket NT,Psalms and Proverbs in AF Basic Training and I love it. It’s the NKJV which in my opinion is a pretty good translation but I would much prefer a Catholic approved translation. It’s about 3in wide. 4 1/2in tall and about a half inch thick. I know the USCCB just came out with the pocket gospels and Acts, but the cover is not as durable as this one and I would also like to have the entire NT, Psalms and Proverbs. I haven’t been able to find much on the internet, does anyone have any recommendations(besides kindle/phone apps)?


There are pocket versions of the Catholic NT, but, sadly, nothing mass-produced comparable to the Protestant Gideon NT.

Keep looking in used bookstores, abebooks.com, etc.



I like this Catholic pocket bible: absnospin.blogspot.com/2011/07/best-pocket-bible-ever-confraternity-nt.html

I own that one and I love the translation and the footnotes. There’s also a compact RSV-2CE New Testament and Psalms, which I’ve never seen but there’s pictures here that make it look good: ignatius.com/Products/NTPL-P/new-testament-and-psalms-rsv–leather.aspx Here’s what it looks like in somebody’s hand, but in this picture it looks a little too tall to be comfortable in a pocket: 2.bp.blogspot.com/-IoDgkc2CEeA/TWV8EZbJlgI/AAAAAAAAAx8/uxNzI7K_V9Q/s320/rsvnt2.JPG

Here’s a pocket New Testament of the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, which is one of the oldest available Catholic translations in English: baroniuspress.com/book.php?wid=56&bid=10#tab=tab-1

Here’s a pocket original Jerusalem Bible (not the New Jerusalem Bible), which is one of the coolest English translations of the Bible: librarything.com/work/12938030/get

Let me know if any of those is helpful. God bless!


hey RSF45! Happy New Year!:smiley:

I recently bought the following NT for these same reasons after Pope Francis said that we should carry and read it.

Dee what you think. I really like mine.
The New Testament (Challoner-Rheims)
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
Sold by: Adoremus Books

You might also take a look at this one.
New Testament and Psalms-RSV-Catholic Pocket

Apr 30, 2006
by Ignatius Press


There are a few mini catholic bibles on eBay, however they are in the $30 range and up. I have a tiny one I keep in my car that came with a magnifying sheet, which I bought at a Catholic book store for around $10. Good luck!


I have a St. Joseph Vest Pocket edition of the New American Bible, with notes, which are very handy. Published by the Catholic Book Publishing Corp. Don’t remember where I bought it, but the ISBN is 089942-650-6.


I think the Confraternity NT mentioned above with My Daily Psalm Book by Fr Frei might be a good option. Its not a single book, but both have reading plans built-in (2x/year for the NT, weekly for the psalms).


I don’t know why anyone would buy an incomplete Bible when the entire Bible - OT and NT - is available in such a wide variety of small, inexpensive and beautifully bound packages.

The Bible below is barely 4x6, zippered with miraculous medal pull, parchment pages with gold edges, both Old and New Testaments RSV-CE and can be found for about $22 on the Internet.

ISBN: 9780195288537





Perhaps for some people that Bible would be too thick in the pocket, and the font too small for comfortable reading. I have a complete RSVCE Bible of that size and a pocket Confraternity New Testament, but when I want to take one along I generally find myself grabbing the pocket New Testament because it fits in my pocket better. Does that seem reasonable?


If you carry it in an actual pocket, yes, very reasonable. I’d be willing to bet that most would carry it in a backpack, briefcase or handbag and for these the little extra size is should not be a burden, especially given the fact that people make all kinds of effort to carry tablets and every larger phones nowadays.

The OP also mentioned durability and I have traveled on business with the Bible pictured and read it cover to cover five times.

I happen to have a particular devotion to the written word of God and love for the Old Testament. For me the OT and NT are like peanut butter and jelly - they just go together. To each is own and I’m happy to see anyone reading Scripture at all.

My point is that there are lots compact, inexpensive and beautifully presented Bibles beyond the little paperback New Testaments for people looking to carry the written word of God.



Thank you everyone for the replies! I know we all lead busy lives so I appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to answer me. I like all the suggestions, but the one issue I have is that most of the suggestions are old translations with archaic language. I don’t mind those translations and I think they sound more beautiful but unfortunately one of my own personal limitations is poor working memory. It may not seem important but when I am reading normal day to day language it can effect my ability to keep the first thought of a sentence in my head while reading the second though. With archaic language, its even more challenging because I have to think about what some of the pronouns and such mean.

One of the best things of this little Bible is that it has an index in the begging for “life’s problems”. Things like where to look when you are anxious or where to look when you are doubting. It is incredibly useful for me as I battle my own mind a lot during the day. It is frustrating that this is not a Catholic Bible.

@Tim, Thank you for the reply. The reason I don’t disagree with you, I just fine it easier to carry around this little pocket edition because its thin. I carry it in all different places from my pants pocket to the pocket on my rob if I’m still bummin’ around the house. My study of scripture is a devotion that has developed over the past two years; I feel like I am still just scratching the surface on the NT. I’ve study the NT a lot more in study Bibles that I own so I feel like I have a better grasp of what is going on. I have no doubt that as my knowledge grows, I will want an OT as part of the package. The size of the one you linked seems reasonable and I happen to love the Miraculous Medal attached to the Zipper.

I can not buy anything right now for a few weeks anyway, but when I do purchase a new one I will update everyone on what I bought. Thank you all for the help! Pray for me and I will pray for you all!


I think I found what I am going to go with! I came across this by accident, but it seems to be what I am looking for :slight_smile:



That’s a beautiful little book!

It is published by the Catholic Truth Society - CTS - founded by F.J. Sheed. Sheed wrote one of my all time favorite books, “Theology for Beginners”.

It is $12.69 at ABE Books. abebooks.com/9781860828157/CTS-Pocket-New-Testament-Psalms-1860828159/plp. I’ll bet shipping is expensive as it comes from the UK.



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