Pocket Size New American Bible?


I find I would read the bible more if I didn’t have to pick up a massive book every time I felt like reading it.

I found this one on Amazon, but I don’t know if it’s Catholic or not?



No. The New American Standard Version is not an approved translation for Catholics.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ website has a list of approved translations, here.

As an alternative you might consider the New Testament and Psalms (Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition) from Amazon or directly from Ignatius Press.


With just the NT it doesn’t much matter which version you get - what matters is readability to you. I couldn’t find a Catholic pocket edition which also included the Psalms & Proverbs, so I bought a NIV from Zondervan which has them.

The main problems with non-Catholic Bibles are the few books in the OT that are left out (but they don’t seem to be read much anyway, tho my son loved the battles in Maccabees when he was little :)) and the notes with non-Catholic explanations. A pocket NT has very few notes due to size, & there is no reason to read them.



This is what I have, very readable and small. Only downside: no psalms or proverbs.


Might I suggest an even easier option, bible from ibooks/kindle app on your phone. Since it’s in your pocket more than likely anyway. Plenty of the Catholic approved translation available.


Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

While an e-book could be an option, I don’t carry my phone with me (I rarely use it.)

I personally would prefer a tiny book, one which is the size of the one I featured in the OP. It would be a shame if there wasn’t a Catholic translation though. :frowning:

If I can’t find a Catholic translation, I will probably just get the one I put in the OP. :slight_smile:

Hmm, there is also an NIV one. Which would you say is a simpler translation for simple minded people (such as myself.) :stuck_out_tongue:

The NIV one.



I don’t know of one that is available but I have an RSV CE 2nd that works as well as a Confraternity NT that also fits.

I found them both on Amazon.

The New Testament (Challoner-Rheims)

by Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

I would not use an n-C version because the notes often contradict Catholic teaching.




This is the compact bible I have. It is the RSV-CE translation. Ignatius publishes it. I love it!



The problem with a NAB pocket Bible is that footnotes and other content are part of the copyright. You can’t really publish a NAB without the footnotes and so any NAB will necessarily be larger than other translations which don’t require publishing footnotes along with the Sacred Texts.



What’s the simplest translation with no footnotes? I don’t really read the footnotes that much anyway.


In the version I have, Zondervan’s NIV NT with Psalms and Proverbs, the footnotes are minimal - and for me, unreadable, as the font is very tiny.


I wish I could find a pocket edition that has a snap or Velcro closure, or maybe even a slipcase. Even when I’m careful about how I put mine back in my purse, things get into it and mess up the pages.


What you are asking for is typically called a “Readers Bible” or is sometimes advertised as a “Readers version.” See below.

How about one bound with a zipper?

One of my favorites Bibles are the zippered RSV-CE Bibles from Oxford University Press. They make two sizes - thinline and compact. She smaller one has an Ignatius imprint but both come from Oxford. They are identical. These are Readers Bibles, no footnotes, just the Sacred Texts.


catholicbiblesblog.com/ is a great place to learn about Catholic Bibles.



Thanks - I’ll take a look at those.


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