Podesta demands intel briefing


Podesta demands an intel briefing for electors


However, if you visit www.senate.gov you will find that The Podesta Group is a registered lobbyist for a Russian bank. And Podesta collected $60,000 for his role in the Uranium One deal.

[Podesta is actually WORKING FOR the Russians. Hello?]


wikileaks showed how sleazy he can be…this doesn’t surprise me he is ttying to find a way to convince the electors not to vote for Trump.


Quasi-related, I hate the way that some news outlets have reported the story as “The electors demand a briefing” leaving off that number qualifier. “The electors” and “10 electors” to me communicates different states of affair.


Are they all Hillary electors?


This is crazy. Electors are not elected officials nor have they been cleared for such information. In fact, if I was a little more paranoid, I would say this sure sounds like someone attempting to betray his country.


Never before have I seen people in the public sphere so concerned with their true feelings being made known to the world. The better question for Podesta is why he’s so disingenuous as to be angry that his anti-Catholic bigotry and Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty became broadly known to the country?

The message I’m taking away is that it is not fair that Hillary lost on account of the dissemination of information that conveyed both her and her staff’s true feelings.


Most of the electors whose name appears on the published letters are in states that went to Clinton. I believe there was one elector from a state that went to Trump (Texas).

here is a copy of the letter.


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