Now im pretty bored and all my school work is done so I figured I’d come on here and maybe show off a poem or two

True art

What is true art?
art that is true comes from the soul and the heart
it can be the strum of strings
or a name carved into a tree
could be some lyrics on a paper
or maybe even a design sprayed onto a wall
art is created from the on-looker’s eyes
some may say this is true, others just a pack of lies
it can be a complex mix of strokes from a brush
but it can also be found in a simple circle
so still don’t what what true art is?
just close your eyes, and never rush


Everyday i hear the same ol’ thing
from people who have nothing better to do than just complain
these are the words from haters hypocrits, and just plain idiots
every second of the day i hears somebody ranting about bieng gay
every second in the night i hear the same damn thing except they use the word dyke
so if you ask whats new to day?, i’ll look at you and say
same ol’ sh-- diffrent day

I’m new to writing poems soo if there not as good as they could be im sorry.

You described art as I feel. Art is an expression of your world as you see it. What may touch one, will not touch another. For the same reason a person can be moved to tears while listening to a great Concerto and feel as if their soul is soaring to the heavens with every note that fills the air, and others will be moved…well, just moved to get the heck out! LOL :wink:

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