Poetry of Fr. Jan Twardowski

I don’t know if many in the English-speaking world are familar with the poetry of the late Fr. Jan Twardowski. He was a friend of the late Holy Father John Paul II.

There was recently a collection of his poems translated into English titled When You Say (Kiedy mowisz) (ISBN 978-83-08-03971-7). Here is one that I especially liked:


I was searching for God in books
through the miracle of not talking about myself
through hot and cold virtues
in the dark window where the moon is pretending to be innocent
but married so many fooling people
in a familiar way
in a garden where a rook walked
in the field where in July the grain hardening and yellowing
with the help of an aecetic who did not eat
and thus prayed before a sorrow and after a sorrow
in the church when nobody was there

and suddenly He came unexpectedly
like cranberries after the first cold snap
with His heart in His hands

and said
why are you searching for me
for me you sometimes have to wait

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