Poetry to Mother Mary


Mother Mary, whom the Trinity chose,
As His Immaculate Rose,
God the Holy Ghost overshadows,
A mystery of which no man knows,
The Divine Baby in your womb is formed,
With perfection and glory He is adorned,
In a humble cave He is born,
Wrapped in a blanket that keeps Him warm,
In a crib you let Him lay,
You commune with tongues of fire - teaching Him to pray,
Rapidly that ancient serpent dares to approach the Kingly Baby’s bed,
But in a single moment, beneath your feet, you crush the serpent’s head,
The Seraphim shepherd you with holy songs to the Garden of delight,
Playing together, hugging your Deity in a Heaven with no night.


Thanks- I enjoyed your rich use of imagery. Have you read A Woman Wrapped in Silence by John Lynch? I think you would enjoy it. Click on this link to read excerpts.


Thank you very much…the Spirit of Creativity inspired me… :slight_smile: Not yet, I’m going to read some of it now


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