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I know in several of the threads the question arises about being married outdoors, and the rationale is always it’s a sacrament that should be celebrated in the parish. My question, I guess, is if that’s the rationale, how is it that the Pope can hold mass outdoors in a football stadium – absolutely meaning no disrespect to this past week’s celebrations!!! Why couldn’t you have a full wedding mass outside?

Just curious.


Outdoor Masses are at the discretion of the local Bishop. In either situation, the relevant parties must request permission from the local Bishop. In the case of the Holy Father’s visit, there would be no Church large enough to accomodate 50,000-60,000 people, and IMO the Bishops were wise to consent to the outdoor venues.


That makes perfect sense – I figured part of it was the sheer number of people wanting to attend.

Thanks !!!


The answer is, you CAN have a full wedding Mass outside IF you have express permission from your Bishop to do so.


Here’s the rub…maybe in countries where there are no churches, like the back rain forests of South America, Asia or Africa will that happen., But I don’t think you will find that the case in the US, but I have been known to be wrong.


Agree that it is improbable. It is possible but not likely :slight_smile:


Maybe someone will post who did have an outdoor Catholic ceremony and tell us how it came to pass - I’d be interested in that story:)


If my cousin were on this forum, he would say that he had a Catholic ceremony…it was done outdoors of a fancy mansion, and we all had the reception under a tent. It looked like a Catholic ceremony, smelled like one too but it was done by a rent a priest who has no faculties anywhere in any diocese.
So it was definitely, not a Catholic ceremony in any way shape or form.

However, the couple is duped believing that it is. Even when I told them no, which is sad since I am a deacon and they still didn’t believe me. More reasons to pray for my family, but that’s another story. You can even find these ex=priests online by plugging in rent-a-priest.com or something similar.


My guess is that if you were expecting 45,000 attendees at your Nuptual Mass, you would have a good case to present to your Bishop. :smiley:


The Pope doesn’t need consent from the bishops. :wink:


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