Pointless thread: An Experiment


Bouncies are a cult!!

I would take issue with posting a pointless thread, and the use of a bouncy smiley to support the position taken.

:hmmm: :cool: :rotfl:


Ah…so you’re a former ex-Catholic. No wonder you’re so bouncy. Why can’t you just be still like all the rest of the cradles?

He couldn’t have been Lutheran. We’re as “not-bouncy” as you Catholics are. :o


Oh, I just :heart:LOVE:heart: a pointless thread!

Ok, let’s see how we can derail this…:hmmm: :coffeeread:

I know…let’s talk Liturgy!

Bwah ha ha ha ha (cue evil laugh) :cool:

Well then, i am not sure if this is the right place for this but i have a point to make…:hmmm: i just need to find it…Dont worry, its here somewhere, let me see…nope, not there…

I disagree.

“:)” was the first smiley. Your smiley is not valid. Only those who use the :slight_smile: smiley are allowed to internets.

…and what’s that supposed to mean?


I tried posting every single emoticon but it wouldn’t let me. Oh well.

:bounce: is obviously a Vat II smiley.


I was going to ask about holding hands during the Our Father, but there’s no point at all in that!


Latine loquamur

c’est toujours le meme chose…

Dis serene nimbus lo gum Essex
Haha that’s what auto fix does to:
disserere nimis longum esset

Say the black, do the red.

Il faut etre philosophe.

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