"Pokemon Go" being used to stage robberies, police say


CBS News:

"Pokemon Go" being used to stage robberies, police say

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri – Police say that four men used the newly-released “Pokemon Go” game to commit multiple robberies in St. Louis and St. Charles counties, CBS affiliate KMOV reported.Police say that they believe the suspects conducted multiple armed robberies by targeting their victims through the Pokemon Go game.

To play, you fire up the game and then start trekking to prominent local landmarks – represented in the game as “Pokestops” – where you can gather supplies such as Pokeballs. Those are what you fling at online “pocket monsters,” or Pokemon, to capture them for training. At other locations called “gyms” – which may or may not be actual gyms in the real world – Pokemon battle one another for supremacy.

Police believe the suspects added a beacon near a “Poke-stop” in their location, which could lure more players nearby, KMOV reported.
The suspects were located by O’Fallon Police after responding to an armed robbery call around 2:00 a.m. in St. Charles County. The suspects were sitting inside a vehicle, police said. A handgun was recovered from the suspects.
At this time, it is not known what items were stolen from the victims.

Mugging – there’s an app for that.


Apparently the police no longer believe that the robbers tweaked the game to lure victims to them.

[quote=St. Louis Post-Dispatch]O’Fallon police originally thought the robbers were trying to lure people to the robbery locations through the game, but now believe the robbers used their knowledge of the game to ambush victims at spots they knew would draw players, and picked relatively secluded spots for the crimes.


So robbers waited for the victims where the game told them to go. In other words, the robbers knew the victims would arrive eventually, and could be ambushed.

But is this much different from robbers ambushing individuals after leaving a sports game, or any other situation where persons could be anticipated to be walking at a certain time?

At 2 a.m., people need to be aware of their surroundings, especially in a large city.


At 2 A.M, you need to be aware of your surroundings, especially in a large city.


This seems really dumb, what are the chances someone playing this game, is going to be loaded down with cash or valuables while they are out?

I think this story is more about promoting the game.


Promoting the game to robbers? I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s really gonna attract more players by having them worry about getting robbed or beat up in the real world when they’re just out for a bit of fun. I mean I’m not more likely to go play a game that offers a free mugging with every 4th level.

But then I might just be a bit different than most? :wink:


Preferably in bed, if not in bed asleep…unless you work as a police officer, nurse, doctor, or clerk at a convenience store.


No, not promoting it to robbers, but the game in general, making it appear like it is soooo popular, even criminals have taken notice and are taking advantage…its a headline involving a particular game, making more people aware of the game and how popular it is.


So much for it being a fun game.


No publicity is bad publicity?


Then couldn’t cops use it to stop robberies? “Gotta catch 'em all” after all





On the bright side, this game is so addictive, that it is probably making some people get more exercise and fresh air than they normally would.


I know if it was 2 A.M. and I was still out playing the game (my friend and I turned in about 1 A.M. on Friday, and 12 A.M. on Saturday) I wouldn’t go to an out of the way lure since common sense says you don’t go into secluded area, in a bigger city, late at night.


Did the robbers say “prepare for trouble”?


And it’ll make people socialize more than they normally would. I’m a homebody, for the most part, only hanging out at the houses of friends but I actually spent a lot of time talking to new people this weekend and are planning to go out with friends I don’t often see next weekend.


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