Now I don’t think Pokémon is sinful, but maybe it is I don’t know. And If it were to be Sinful would it be a Mortal Sin?

Now most people have a problem with Pokémon because it promotes or teaches witchcraft and sorcery.

I have played Pokémon since I was 7 and I NEVER believed in witchcraft, because I simply knew it was a game and those things weren’t real. And the only thing I can see that would be close to that is the Ghost Pokémon. Some Ghost Pokémon can go through the “Spirit world” and can steal life forces. However this isn’t a main plot in any of the games and this description is more in the pokedex (Sort of of the Pokémon encyclopedia)

Now there is one pokemon called Arceus, now it says it created the universe, HOWEVER, it is stated it is a MYTH . So it is not stated that this Pokémon actually did for certain. Also I don’t think anyone would believe that this Pokémon actually created the world in real life.

I faced the same issue but one of my high school theology teacher, told me that it was okay to watch Harry Potter as long as you keep in your mind that it is purely fictional. Then I had another teacher tell me the reason to watch Harry Potter is wrong because although most (99.9%) will take it as fiction. It opens up the chance of possibly causing .1% to either believe part of it?

It’s kinda of like this if you never watch a Harry Potter movie wouldn’t you be less likely to believe in that kind of stuff rather than watching it?

I still have mixed feelings about it but I saw it as fiction. I used to watch pokemon as well but I never believed it was real, all cartoons are fictional.

As long as you’re not using it for some kind of pornography or occult ritual, I don’t see the sin.

The Church came out and said Harry Potter was fine, and Lord of the Rings was written by a Catholic.

Typically, the debate around media among moralists amounts to whether or not it gets one merit for heaven. Playing video games or watching TV may interfere with one’s duties if done too much, and depending on the circumstances too much could be any number of things.

I really don’t see the problem with something creative like Pokemon being sinful just for existing in media.

Pokemon has implementations of eastern religions into it. Which is demonic. I have seen the effects and influences of pokemon happen before my own eyes!! My brother was really into in, he is now agnostic/possibly deist, or something like that, my friend who I have known since 5th grade was really into pokemon, he is agnostic/deistic (im not really sure), and is now into other demonic things such as Marilyn Manson (really really blasphemous/satanic stuff he produces). Bottom line… STAY AWAY FROM POKEMON!!! IT IS FROM HELL!!! People have lost the one true faith because of pokemon! I was never into pokemon and I am the only one that that takes the faith seriously in the household. (I will be 18 tomorrow, my brother is 23).

I had no idea people still played Pokémon. :coffeeread:

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, if anyone’s ever read the Silmarillion, it’s pretty much Genesis written for a fantasy world. I’ve actually joked about that before, how Catholicism is so powerful, they even have it in Middle Earth. It is a seriously dense book though. I might try it again sometime, since the last time I read it was in middle school I think (somehow), but if you can get through it, it’s pretty interesting.

I’ve made my thoughts on fiction and fantasy clear in other threads. I grew up on Pokemon and Harry Potter and so on.

I actually got one of the new games for my 21st birthday. :smiley:

It is not wrong to play Pokemon.

In Pokémon it does not state anything about religion, however it does have MYTHs and they aren’t stated in the games as true. Also your friends might have had other influences in his life then Pokémon and notice how you said WAS into Pokémon, so there probably isn’t a correlation there. Also if Pokémon has really affect someone in that way, they must have a mental illness. I am not going to lose my faith because of it. Do I believe all that stuff, NO, because its just game for fun that’s it.

The only reason I would stop playing Pokémon if it caused me to gravely sin, which it hasn’t. It might have cause venial sins like possibly anger, but that’s because its a game, sometimes people get angry over monopoly, same thing.

Alpha Sapphire Hype!

I read this article a few months ago on this topic: carm.org/more-stuff/features/pokemon-what-it

Fairly interesting. Just because you don’t understand/don’t believe something doesn’t mean it isn’t spiritually harmful.

People like you screaming in all caps does a much greater job at turning people away than a video game. It’s a coincidence that your siblings turned away. Millions of people, including many Catholics, have played the game without going new age or anything like that.

Witchcraft? Sorcery?

This is a joke…right?

Pokemon originates from the rural Japanese custom of having insect as pets, and conducting races and contests with them. The cartoon is all about an animal/trainer bond of friendship, fair play, and good sportsmanship.

Unless you happen to be a secret operative for TEAM ROCKET! :eek:



I used to play Pokemon and I turned out fine. You are using selected instances, and completely ignoring all the other people who played Pokemon. The point is, as long as you believe it is totally fake, which everyone does, then it can be a fun and creative game for some people.

I would be careful with your source, carm is a wildlt anti-Catholic organization.

To believe this one would have to believe that all children’s imagining was a form of sorcery, and fantasy, including fairy tales the worst of all. No more Disney for your children, because the children might pretend to be the fairies from Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, and gosh, that is “real” magic. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

There’s something even more insidious and demonic than Pokémon: Televison itself. Just about everyone who’s left the faith has watched TV at some point. Just a few minutes is all it takes. You’d better stay away from all TVs to be safe.


My brother just won himself a local 3DS tournament about a week ago. :cool: Believe me, Pokemon is still alive and well, entertaining the young and old alike (assuming they can get their hands on a 3DS ;w; ).

I have a gameboy emulator on my tablet, and I occasionally play the old red and yellow pokemon games on it. Those were good games. :smiley:

I have a Level 55 Adamant Natured Barbarcle with the Ability Tough Claws, EVs in Attack and Speed, and perfect IVs in HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed. AND it has Pokérus. :smiley:
Irrelevant, yes, I just wanted to share it. :lol

But in topic, the only real “Immoral” aspects are the villains (because, you know, they’re the VILLAINS) and certain Pokédex entries. But fans have often poked fun at the creepier Dex entries as either being the exaggerations of eager children recording info for the Region’s resident Professor( See this Dorkly comic to get an idea), or some GameFreak employees going nuts with the irrelevant flavor text that never really affects gameplay and no one really reads anyway.

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