Pokemon = Spawn of Satan?

Hi thar! I’m a huge Pokemon fan :smiley: I grew up on it.

Apparently some people consider it satanic or anti Catholic…

I find it increasingly perverse that people could find something as simple as a kids game so evil, so does anyone have any explanations?

Blorp (the sound a marble makes if you drop it on glass tiles!)


According to this preacher, Pokemon = pocket monster. Why would children want to carry monsters (which sometimes grow) in their pockets?

The goal of Pokemon is to become a Pokemon master… and we know from New Age teaching that masters are people who control spirits, demons.



But master is such a broad term. It can be applied to anything, like having a Masters in education, Mastering skateboard use.

Because monster was a literal interpretation from the original japanese, it is more akin to animal or creature. like a cat. not a hellfiredemondragon.

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Just to be upfront, I know nothing about Pokemon besides the fact that they are some of the most annoying playable characters in Super Smash Bros. :slight_smile:

I think calling Pokemon the “spawn of satan” is probably a bit extreme. Not being familiar with the game, I can’t comment on it directly, but can only speak generally while thinking of other types of popular media that get labeled this way that I am more familiar with (Harry Potter, Magic: The Gathering, etc.).

I think with any such game, we do need to be cautious about taking it too seriously. I think that it’s probably only a small, small minority that would take such games so seriously they would lead to harmful spiritual side-effects. But it’s never bad to be cautious.

That said, provided one can separate fantasy from reality, it seems to me that one could play such games if one desires.

I think the greater danger is in looking to such things to fill the void in all our hearts that only God can fill. That danger is present in anything (TV, movies, books, games, collectibles, works of art, pets, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc., etc.). People turn lots of things into “idols” and devote undue attention to them. That doesn’t mean the things themselves are inherently evil. It just means that the person in question needs to realize that no material thing can fill that void. Only God can.

If you look around enough you’ll find that there’s somebody against everything and that thing always embodys the worst characteristics of everything imaginable. I don’t think I’d worry about Pokemon too much. But, like anything else if it becomes too much of an obsession or takes over too much of your time then maybe it should be cut back on.


Pokemon are very fun, and very cute. The protagonists (in the cartoon at least) always try to develope and evolve their creatures for good. There is healthy competition between pokemon trainers. Though they “battle”, no one is ever killed.

It’s like a boxing match between completely imaginary cartoon creatures. I don’t see any evil in this at all…unless someone really overanalyzes it and makes some far reaches in logic…

Gotta catch 'em all! :slight_smile:

Pokemon is not the spawn of Satan. Everything can be thought of as evil. It is like my daughter says , ‘close your right eye than your left turn around and then you can see it as such.’ :slight_smile:

On that note my son loves Pokemon. I allow him to play it because I have seen so much good come out of it. He has learned organization skills, research, and competition (good sportsmanship).

It is a trading game like any other trading game just like my brothers did with baseball cards and figures back in the day. Only I think this is so much more fun.

How is pokemon Satanic seriously? if anything is a little satanic it would be the Shin Megami Tensei Series which i hear is a great RPG :slight_smile:

Oh mercy.

They’d take away my “Super Catholic Traditional Pharisee” holy card badge if they knew that not only did I let my children watch the show, and play with the cards, and even make up fan fics. . .I actually. . .yes. . .competed in tournaments myself. (I figured, if my children are gonna do something, it should be something that I know at least as much about --or almost as much–as they do!)

And (blush) my favorite is still the “evil” Meowth! (I’m a cat person). He’s not bad. . .he’s just. . .misunderstood!

Ah, okay, still a little bad!

I don’t know. I use to think people were silly for thinking this. But… If you think about it. The game is one of the most boring games in history. Yet it is one of the most popular games ever. How can this be? There must be something super natural at play.::rolleyes:

Oh, Pokemon. Good times. Great games.

No, there’s nothing satanic about Pokemon. If you watch the anime, pretty much the main themes are friendship and kindness. Evil is always shown as being evil, and (unless something’s changed since I stopped watching) good always wins and evil always looses.

Pokemon is not satanic in the very least; It’s a good kids TV show that sends positive messages and refrains from anything PG-13 lol.

i think pokemon is more like animal abuse than anything else…LOL :smiley:

You’re assuming a pokemon is an animal. I’ve seen plenty that can be vegetables or minerals. By the way, pokemon, not satanic. This game was though en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revelations:_The_Demon_Slayer although for the time it was awesome. The story and game play I thought were way above pokemon.

please! can’t we all just stop being paranoid about EVERYTHING? its a kids show and card game about imaginary creatures which the main characters tried to capture and battle in tournaments. Is dragon tales satanic because dragons are obviously a reference to satan in every circumstance!? note the sarcasm

Yu-Gi-Oh is something that is by far worse. I remember that there were a whole lot of freaking satanic cards like a creature dragging monsters into hell. Pokemon encourages team-building and patience. There’s nothing wrong with a show so simple and benign. The only problem I have with Pokemon is the constant flow of new monsters which are getting weirder and weirder looking every time. By-the-way, Machoke is my favorite Pokemon.:wink:

How so? Ash/Satoshi and his friends exhibit selflessness, loyalty, teamwork, kindness, and a genuine desire to help the underdog.

Their actions can even draw selflessness out of their inept foes, James and Jessie/Koujiro and Musashi.

Plus, Pikachu is the world’s cutest action hero.

well the name pokemon does sound like the title to a gay jamican porn movie

Sorry if this sounded kinded blehy and attackish, it’s just i was reading a wikipedia page on pokemans (I got soulsilver!! and just caught raikou) and down the bottom it had a link to ‘Controversies’ so i clickied and read that some catholics found it to be very offensive and yadda yadda.
I just thought, surely people in general have more reason than to think that.
I personally think a game is just that, a figment of the imagination but reality is the place who’s rules you really have to follow :stuck_out_tongue:

Any other pokemon fans out there? or does the cheese stand alone?


My daughter liked the show a few years ago. I always thought it had a better theme than some of the stuff on the childrens channels. She just outgrew it.

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