Poland abortion ruling: Protesters block roads across country

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Imagine wanting to kill children that badly.


I think it’s probably a bit more complex than that.


Well not really in my opinion. Poland outlawed being able to murder children in the womb. These people are so upset they can’t murder children they are disrupting people’s lives and cities.


I think it’s generally unwise to use reductionist versions of complex debates in that way when distant from them. I’m no fan of abortion but people started ‘throwing shapes’ like that about this when Ireland voted to allow abortion, it certainly allowed people to pat themselves on their back but it it didn’t address the particular issues that led to the country going down that road. I suspect the same applies here and understanding the issues more thoroughly would mean you’d either have to be Polish or study the situation closely.


Well murder of children is murder of children. Whether in Poland or the United States. It really is not all that complex. Many of these miscreants really like the ability to murder children it seems.


You cannot sensibly discuss the the concerns of a whole society via sloganeering.

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There are people who genuinely believe a fetus is not a baby, it is just a bunch of cells. This issue is about education. Until people believe that fetus is a living baby with rights, things will not change too much.

It seems the whole society wasn’t upset by it.


Outdoor gatherings are maximum 5 and the country continues to see a surge in COVID cases and deaths.
I guess it’s been confirmed SARS-CoV-2 is clearly pro-abortion. That’s probably why the protesters don’t fear getting infected or spreading it.

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Does the complexity matter? They want the right to kill babies. It is barbaric

50 million babies aborted worldwide each year

How many more aborted babies will that take?


Unless those children were made from rape or incest, those ones don’t apparently count in Poland…

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The left is going nuts over abortion. The outcry over the appointment in the US Supreme Court is about one thing and one thing only: they are afraid of losing the right to kill babies.

In Poland they are willing to risk spreading covid for the same cause.

And for all the seamless-robe-sophistry that left wing Catholics can muster, the secular left cares about nothing as much as about the right to abortion.

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What no comments mentionned in this thread is that the new banning is for unborn children with congenitals defects or disabilities
It’s an issue and debate since some years…

So these protestors are either very against disabled people being born (very sad) or they just use this new law perceived as a provocation by the governement as an occasion to reverse the current law for something more liberal: abortion on demand.

For their goal they will not hesitate to vandalized churches - as they seen the catholic church as their ennemies responsible for this restriction and brave the restrictions on an epidemic period. As a conclusion more old and weak people will likely to die. (and maybe some of the electors of the PiS?)

That’s very critical, and maybe with opening the pandora box, Poland is at risk of being mandate to make a more liberal law on abortion…Just to note that European Union and all others countries hate absolutely the Poland’s ban on abortion and will not hesitate to take coercitive measures if and when they could.

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You are right about this. One of my cousins there wrote to tell me that Polexit was being considered but the general consensus was that Poland was too poor to bow out. That could change though.


I agree with you @ProVobis. Polexit would be like footing the country on the feet…

On first thought, I find this law just and need because disabled people should be equally considered. Why should we have the right to abort them just because of their disability?

But on second thought, I am afraid that this law that break a diffcult consensus would create more wrong. I guess that a new governement would set a priority to overturn this law. And could well jump on the change to pass abortion on demand. European Union has already a lot of measures to sanctionate this law if they want. Credits funds can be given or taken.

(Just a few more, the European Court of Human Rights who has already rule against Poland an abortion for one case, and financial and cultural pressure. For eg, some cities of France and others countries had break their twinning with some Polish cities to protest to their LGBT-free zone policy).

Are they willing to take the risk?

I hope it’s just my fear.

Until an education process is in place the brings the point to the secular world and also to the Christian world that believes its ok to have abortions for certain exceptions.
While the christian world accepts exceptions to the rule, there wont be much decrease. There is no value in human life while exceptions get around laws and loopholes abound.
While the secular world keeps arguing ’ its not human or relevant’ there wont be much decrease.

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I discussed the issues with my Polish relatives the last couple of days. They certainly aren’t happy campers. The last thing they want to do is to protest during the current covid crisis. They see a civil war as a real possibility. The good news is that they don’t want to break with the Church. Where else would they go?

It’s sad that your relatives would have consider to protest against this pro life law, but thanks God, the Covid prevents them, and that they don’t want to break with the Church…

Hope not! There are already had Ukraine…

I see on the TV last evening. They show the Varsovie demonstration (covid…) and said it is the worst social movement since the end of communism… :frowning_face: . That’s so sad…

I don’t think that a civil war would happened, but certainely this law will not last long, and I think a lot more will be redefined, abortion and so much more society topics. Catholics values will probably loose, as well as unborn babies…

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