Poland elects its first openly gay mayor


Three years ago Robert Biedron made history in Poland by becoming the first openly gay member of parliament. Yesterday he celebrated another first by becoming the country’s first openly gay mayor.

The 38-year-old’s political successes are a marker of how quickly this deeply conservative and Catholic country has changed in the decade since it joined the European Union. Back then, in 2004, gay rights marches were still being banned in Warsaw and homosexuality was treated as a huge taboo. Since then a growing acceptance of gay and lesbian people has arrived hand-in-hand with a flourishing economy.


From my perspective, if he can do the job well, this is a non-issue. He was elected to be mayor, not saint, and perhaps the Polish people are learning to make the distinction.


:thumbsup: I think it’s time people stop worrying about the personal lives of others and judge them based on how well they do the job they have been (in this case) elected for.



Well, a person can be GLBTQ and a saint! :wink:


I seem to notice a moral decline in Poland since they joined the EU. I imagine Ukraine is next.


This is mainly the fault of the left wing media that monopolizes polish news. It supports and works for the closet anti catholic PO party that rules Poland with an iron fist


Poland is a great country and is very Catholic. I do feel though that the EU rot is causing a problem in Poland.

I love the fact that England and Poland have been connected for so long, King Mieszko was King Cnut’s grandfather.

I want Ukraine to be happy, maybe they should be an associate member of the EU instead of becoming trampled on like the others.


Wow, this man is a mayor of a town not even with a population of 100,000 in a country of 38 million people. It’s the end times everyone, it’s the end times.



Poland, Russia, some of those countries are known for soccer hooligans. Sometimes they go to far.

Russia has the “Occupy Pedophilia” anti-gay Neo-Nazi group.

thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/08/20/jail-won-t-stop-russia-s-anti-gay-psycho.html Still, a little bit graphic.

Is this so much better? They were the subject of a report on CNN as well, the above is a somewhat mainstream article on them. Of course, attacks against foreigners and others occur as well.

Some people say this kind of behavior has been able to flourish there.


Baryshnikov and Nuryev; 2 well known Russian dancers. What else is known about them? And this was before the wall fell. They were international celebrities.


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