Poland is most Pro-Life Country in Europe

God bless Poland. Not only did they give us Saint JP2 but they lead the way in defending life: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54642108


Yep definitely zero abortions in Vatican City. Or at least we hope so.


Why Malta. Why not Leichtenstein?

Don’t they still allow abortions in event of incest and rape?

Yes, that’s about it. All other categories are no longer allowed, including abnormal foetal development. Basically Poland seems to be now moving along the same path Ireland once did whereby abortion tourism takes care of the issue, for now anyway. Until I imagine like Ireland some local crisis will eventually cause repeated flares up of the whole issues again and again.

I find it curious how they have arrived at the conclusion that all other babies have a right to life, except those few whose only crime was the manner of their conception.

A baby who has a condition incompatible with life still has that right to life protected, but a healthy baby conceived of rape is disposable - seems inconsistent to me.

It will be interesting what the SC does with the Alabama passed law banning all abortions. Trump opposed this law.

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I suspect the fact the making a woman who was raped bear a child to term is likely to quite possibly result in suicides and some less than lovely PR had some bearing on how these laws were framed. The outcry when a girl was forced to give birth to a child in Argentina at age 11 after a rape is one not so distant example of that kind of event and I don’t think Poland wanted any more ammo to be available for people to characterize it as a real-life ‘Republic of Gilead’.

I don’t really think they’d see that as a problem.

So far, like all far-right authoritarian populists, their electoral success has been based on identifying social enemies for their core voters to get angry about - so their future as bound up in manufacturing enemies and anger until their position becomes unassailable.

The problem of course with this is as you well know eventually you run out of enemies to manufacture and it starts being a case of ever decreasing circles of silliness as to who is the ‘true’ representative of the Polish, German, Italian (insert any nation of choice here), people. Right now It is working but sooner or later this sort of strategy has an expiry date and people may start asking some pragmatic questions.

The expiry date is when you abolish the opposition.

Sadly that seems a real possibility, I’m not impressed at all with these waves of populist parties across Europe which seem determined to prove the old cliche about repeating the past.

Hungary has gone into government by decree with five years in prison for disagreeing.

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