Poland plans paramilitary force of 35,000 to counter Russia



**Poland plans paramilitary force of 35,000 to counter Russia

Poland says it will start recruiting in September for a new 35,000-strong paramilitary defence force because of tensions with Russia.

Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz said top positions in the Territorial Defence Force had already been decided.

The force will have civilian volunteers trained in military skills. It is aimed at countering “hybrid” warfare of the kind that led parts of Ukraine to break away and pledge loyalty to Russia.

Nato also plans to reinforce Poland.**

One Nato battalion will be deployed to Poland and three more to the neighbouring Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The total troop deployment is expected to be about 4,000, on a rotating basis.

A Nato summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July will finalise the details of that deployment. Several of Nato’s 28 member states will send troops to beef up the alliance’s presence in the east, near the Russian border.

Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea peninsula in March 2014 and the insurgency by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine sent a chill through Nato members who used to be in the Soviet bloc.

Russia has also deployed Iskander-M nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad, a territory sandwiched between Poland and the Baltic states.

In April, Mr Macierewicz said the new Territorial Defence Force was needed because Poland “is threatened by the actions of our neighbour Russia, which makes no secret of its aggressive intentions and which since 2008 has systematically been undertaking action aimed at destabilising the peaceful order in Europe”.

On Thursday he announced a September recruitment drive, at a conference of paramilitary organisations in Ostroda, northern Poland.


Poland should ally with Russia. They both share Christian conservative values.


Man, you don’t know what you are talking about. :smiley:


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Historical emnity aside, the Poles have more in common with Russia than they do with morally decadent Western Europe.


Tell that to the generation that witnessed Russia waiting until the Warsaw rebellion was crushed with over a quarter of a million civilian lives lost before continuing their attacks on Germany.
Historical enmity can rarely be the basis of sound pacts of the future. People seem to forget that Russia is still communist. Those who forget history are fated to re-live it.




Russia is not “communist”, but still considers itself to have a unique position in the world, as if it were “communist”.


Russia is still communist? Not that I noted when I lived there, rampant consumerism was everywhere and the young girls were the worst for that. The guys were bad but took it to a limit and stopped. The girls were so heavily into looking good that they wouldn’t go out to buy a bottle of milk in some places without looking like they were going out to a top end nightclub. My wife was considered a bit odd because she just used to wear jeans and trainers and denim shirts or leather jackets and couldn’t be bothered with all that sort of stuff.


Mate that is about as likely as Japan and China forming a federation any time soon. Poland and Russia have some cultural similarities (although there are those from both countries who would beat me for just saying that…) but due to bad blood provoked by actions over hundreds of years by both sides there is lasting hatred and resentment between the two.


Yeah, there are strong similarities, and this is one of the reasons for the strife. It is called “Small Differences Syndrome”.

Orthodox vs. Catholic division also has always added to the hostility.


Oh believe me been from a family that is made up one side Irish Catholics and one side Russians at this point I encounter that occasionally. Never within the family it must be said and rarely from most Russians but every so often I run across some Orthodox who is shall we say not the best witness for their Church.It must be said in fairness I also run across some Catholics who are not the best witnesses for ours, also the level of ignorance sadly tends to breed some funny ideas on either side even where no malice is present.


Yes, that’s a thing about Russia. My friend from Lithuania, visiting me in Moscow, could not understand why Russian female students wore high heels in the university. :smiley:

That’s due to the explosive mixture between the traditionalist views on gender roles and the lack of moral restraints as to sex and relationships. An average Russian woman is supposed to look perfect 24/7, in order to conquer men or/and “reconquer” their own husbands, who are often not restrained by anything from committing an adultery. :frowning:


Well, it is mainly not an individual “believer against believer” strife, but a general socially nurtured hostility. I have a friend who is an atheist but considers me a traitor of my Russian identity because of my Catholicism. :smiley: It is simply: “The Poles are like us, except they are Latin heretics who think they are better than us because of being a part of the goddamn West!” )))


Yep, run across this sort of silliness as well at times, run across similar attitudes among Poles and run across attitudes like that among my fellow Irish regarding the English. Only in the latter two cases ‘Latin heretics’ is replaced with terms like ‘schismatics’ or ‘Prods’ but the triumphalist mentality is pretty similar.


Communism fell in Russia in 1991. Russia is closer to the old Tsarist regime today.


Except, in Imperial Russia they were no rigged elections, the judges did not convict people on the ground of statistics, educated people were not scorned and despised and there was no 40% abortion rate.


That didn’t work out so well for Poland the last time they did it.


*Recalls Katyn Massacre and the 2010 (Russian-made) jet plane crash that took the lives of Lech Kaczynski and a number of Polish officials.

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