Poland revives effort to extradite filmmaker Roman Polanski




Polanski is old news. If anything, we should be concentrating on what is going on in Hollywood TODAY. Too many shattered lives, too many innuendos for it to be nothing more than just a handful of predators exerting their power. I curiously wonder how far that rot reaches.


Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Being a purveyor of miserable “art” films shouldn’t get you a free pass on rape.

While I fully agree with your post, I do believe that Polanski should also be punished. The two are not mutually exclusive.


He’s smart in that he ventures into countries that don’t have extradition laws. Justice will be averted, sadly. That, and Hollywood and other influential figures think that he either did his time already, that the crime wasn’t that bad, or both.

However, what always keeps falling through the cracks and doesn’t get much scrutiny even to this day is the old casting couch rumors and other horrors long associated with Hollywood.

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