Poland: The government battles political opposition for promoting gay ideology. A news report

see https://www.reuters.com/article/us-poland-lgbt/polands-ruling-party-picks-lgbt-rights-as-election-battlefront-idUSKCN1QW0T7

As two key elections approach in Poland, the government is warning that opposition support for LGBT education is a threat to Polish culture and should be blocked wherever possible. It calls the new sex education program the opposition plans in areas it politically controls an infringement of traditional Catholic values by Western liberalism.

The government expects that this issue will electrify voters.

Catholic leaders, commentators, and others are arguing such lessons will rob parents of the right to decide how their children should be educated. The government calls it an attack on families and children.

Poland remains one of Europe’s most devout countries. Roughly 90 percent of the 38 million population identify as Catholics and some 12 million attend mass every Sunday


God bless Poland! She will save Christendom.

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Sadly, that’s not the only disturbing news from Poland. In CNA’s words, Polish bishops release “tragic” report on sexual abuse.

God bless Poland. Pray for her. This ideological colonization must end.


God have mercy on them and on the whole world.


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