Poland: the right wing government stimulates birth rates


The Polish parliament on Thursday approved a flagship government bill for new payouts designed to encourage families to have more children.


Birthrates in Europe have been below replacement level for decades. I doubt throwing a “c-note” at people is suddenly going to change this.


At least, they are trying. :frowning:


I agree.


[quote=from the article]During debates, the parliament rejected amendments by the opposition to exclude richer families from receiving handouts.

Ironically, it’s probably the rich who need to have more children. It seems to me that the richer you are, the less inclined you are to have more children. As economies develop, child-rearing becomes less, not more. The crisis isn’t because poor people have stopped having more children, it’s because everyone has stopped having more children. I’d put my money on the rich being a bigger cause of the decline than the poor.


A general note:

In my opinion, our website is not paying sufficient attention to the news from Poland. And this is despite the current Polish government being very pro-Catholic, which is why they are under tremendous pressure from the EU and the liberal media right now. :mad:

Due to some unknown reason, we are receiving more news about Russia than those about Poland. :confused:


It really doesn’t make sense that people don’t want to have more children. The joy children bring is absolutely incomparable.


Why is it a crisis though? Population growth won’t continue forever. Eventually worldwide it will plateau and begin shrinking, it has to do so. The planet can only sustain so many human beings, and by some accounts we’ve already reached that ceiling.


It actually varies considerably. Most northern European countries TFR is at or just above. Germany is an exception. Poland has some of the lowest birth rates in Europe along with Italy, Austria and also most of the Eastern European states. Lithuania is the lowest.


I tried to fix my TV with duct tape and baling wire. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work, but hey, at least I tried something, right?:rolleyes:

Northern Europe’s birthrates are largely driven by African immigrants. If you care about preserving Europe’s historically, Christian culture, this is probably not a good thing.


This is the ideology of the “culture of death”; the notion that people are a problem for the planet that must be controlled. It’s an ideology that is incompatible with Christianity.


=Padres1969;13668855]Why is it a crisis though? Population growth won’t continue forever. Eventually worldwide it will plateau and begin shrinking, it has to do so.

Hopefully not. We just need responsible, moral family planning measures.

Ultimately, population decline means less benefits for the aging population and the poor as there are less workers.

The planet can only sustain so many human beings, and by some accounts we’ve already reached that ceiling.

That’s more of a Malthusuan type argument that really hasn’t held up in the last 300 years. Technology from more efficient crop yields to large buildings has countered much of what has been expected.


A myth contradicted by the facts. The figures are highest in those countries with least immigrants and even in the others these rarely account for more than 20% of the births. And most of the African immigrant population are Christian btw.


It seems it’s another mindset that’s stuck in the 60’s and 70’s, which brought us Populorum Progressio and a heavy attack against Humanae Vitae.


The human society has so far proved capable to increase its productivity and to widen the living space.

As a last resort, we should not forget about potential colonization of other planet.s :wink:


With the exception of Bulgaria and Cyprus, all European countries have Muslim populations that make up single digit percentages of their populations. A population of 5-6% Muslims contributing 20% of births is not a positive trend for European Christianity. This trend will likely get worse because the Muslim population of Europe is about 8 years younger (as of 2010) than the non-Muslim population.



Muslims aren’t contributing 20% (which includes Christian, Hindu and none) , the figure is more like 7% being born to Muslim parents. Remember too that includes well established the guest workers from Turkey in Germany and Turkish Cypriot in the UK, all of whom have lower birth rates now than when they first immigrated in the 1950s and 1960s.

In relation to Poland, there are now estimated to be almost 1 million Poles living in the UK now so that after British mothers, the most common country of birth for mothers of children born in the UK is Poland, accounting for 3% of births.


Maybe they just don’t want to bring more people into this miserable world.


Or (The intangible joys of children aside)

  1. Children are an economic liability. Somehow children became bizarrely expensive. (Low to mid income families typically receive aid from food stamps to tax credits)

  2. Children mean less freedom for the parents.

  3. The formation of lifelong marriages happens later in life after couples have gotten used to child free lives.


The marginal cost of each child is much greater for the rich than for the poor.
For most of human history children were an economic asset. Since the Industrial Age they have become a liability or luxury good, depending.

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