Poland tightens abortion law

The abortion law was already strict, but it just got stricter. In my view a good move expected from a Catholic country. 98% of abortions in Poland were carried out because of a health issue with baby. You’ll no longer be able to kill a baby in the womb because it has some type of handicap.


Correct, I heard about this. One can not abort I assume, “Down Syndrome” babies and situations like that. Thanks for posting.

Yes the baby being in anyway handicapped is now not going to be accepted as a viable reason for abortion in Poland.

It was in the past one of the very few legitimate reasons a woman could have an abortion.

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Only to save the life of the mother, according to my mother.

I’m curious if the usual defenders of access to abortion will criticize this law as somehow unjust or even, gasp, unchristian.


Well secular media, organisations, commentators etc. are referring it as a blow to women’s rights, as expected.

We have terrible abortion laws, Europe does but being in Europe, there certainly is a heavy secularism there, so good for Poland.

“15 detained”, in the large picture, not that many I would say.

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Wow! SARS-CoV-2 is indeed pro-death rather than pro-life. The virus doesn’t infect pro-abortion protesters.

Might as well make this thread about Poland, now, their President has tested positive for COVID.

COVID certainly must be very contagious.

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