Poland to change its street names in bid to 'de-communise' the country




It’s a wonder they haven’t undertaken this a long time ago.


Possibly due to the honkin’ big country across the border.


Which side? :slight_smile:



Currently the one I think they are most concerned about is to the east.

I think Vladimir worries them more than Angela.

Edit: Keep forgetting that Poland no longer shares a border with Russia/USSR with the exception of Kalinin Oblast. :doh2:

sigh I graduated high school in 1981. The maps of Europe that come immediately to mind when I think about them are from my Hammond Headline 1979 edition, and had far fewer countries in it.


When I was there in 2007, citizens were still coming to grips with the new world in which they found themselves. It’s a country with some mighty big identity issues. It’s also a country in which one might find a semi-truck and a horse-drawn cart side by side in a major city. I’m somewhat doubtful that change of any sort happens quickly there.


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