Poles posthumously named Righteous Among the Nations


**Poles posthumously named Righteous Among the Nations **

Two Poles, Walery and Maryla Zbijewski, have been posthumously honoured as Righteous Among the Nations for their work saving Jews during WWII, at an awards ceremony attended by US President Obama.

"The Talmud teaches that if a person destroys one life, it is as if they have destroyed an entire world. And if a person saves one life, it is as if they’ve saved an entire world. What an extraordinary honour to be with you as we honour four Righteous individuals whose courage is measured in the lives they saved,” President Obama said during the awards ceremony at the embassy of Israel in Washington on Wednesday.

Walery and Maryla Zbijewski were Poles who harboured a Jewish girl for months during World War II, protecting her from the Nazis, despite the fact that their own life was in danger.

The Yad Vashem authority, which recognises non-Jews who risked their lives to rescue Jews during the Holocaust, said: “Janina Ferster and her daughter Elżbieta managed to flee the ghetto and go into hiding. After staying for two months at the home of acquaintances, Tadeusz and Eugenia Kucharski, who also received recognition as Righteous, Janina brought her daughter to the home of Walery and Maryla Zbijewski, until she was able to rent an apartment under a false name and take her daughter back.

"Despite the enormous danger – the Germans publicly announced that helping Jews would be punished by death – the Zbijewskis cared for Elżbieta and protected her until her mother was able to collect her.”

The honour was also awarded to Americans Roddie Edmonds and Lois Gunden. (rg/pk)


What could be more noble and saintly than saving another human life at the risk of one’s own and that of one’s family? This kind of behavior renews one’s hope in the essential goodness and bravery of people in a world which today is witness to enormous pain and suffering at the hands of those who care not for their fellow humans.


My favorite people to read about are the ones that helped save Jews during WW2. I LOVE Irena Sendler (Hallmark Hall of Fame did a great movie about her). I read ‘The Hiding Place’ about Corrie Ten Bloom and how she helped to hide Jews (and suffered in prison for helping them). And I hope we can read more about this couple who protected this young girl until her mother could get her back.


I love this. Thanks for sharing!


I just finished reading “THE RIGHTEOUS - The Unsung Heroes of theHolcaust” by Martin Gilbert. I was very impressed with the risks these people took to save Jews – in the Bibliography they list more books with this theme, and I plan to go to the Library to see if I can take some of them out.


I’d like to hear more about this kind of heroism. :thumbsup:


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