Police: Al Qaeda Magazine Suggesting Attack On US Open


From WCBS:
The US Open Tennis Championship appears on a wish list of terror targets in an al Qaeda magazine, an NYPD official said Wednesday.
In a briefing for New York City’s private security community, Rebecca Weiner, the NYPD’s director of intelligence analysis, warned that Inspire magazine is instructing would-be terrorists on how to make bombs and where to set them off, WCBS 880′s Marla Diamond reported.
The magazine lists targets in Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and New York — including the US Open, which begins Aug. 25 in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

Sure am glad that Al Qaeda is on the run (and, apparently, has been since 2012). I just wish they’d get tired and stop all that running.


Guess John Kerry has lost his touch. I thought he was going to talk them to death.



God forbid this from happening


Wow. I am happy that they are aware of this. Now they can do any necessary surveillance and hopefully stop any attacks before they happen.


It just amazes me how media savy these terrorist groups are. They really know how to recruit and they seem to be stronger and more organized than ever! It seems strange they would name their targets.
I just hope the intelligence people are on their toes.


It doesn’t really surprise me to be honest. I guess that’s because I figure that they’re going to use whatever skills they have. It’s always possible that numerous terrorists were reporters, members of the media, and similar things before being radicalized. And when they became radicalized they began using the skills they learned in the media, as reporters, etc to further the terrorist cause. :frowning:

Also, I am completely with you that I hope the intelligence people are on their toes. I imagine that they are. Now that they know there is such a fantasy or plan or whatever from Al Qaeda’s magazine, they can explore further leads to make sure there isn’t any real risk. I imagine they’ve already done a lot of investigation into this.

That said, I was honestly surprised that they have this Al Qaeda magazine online as the article stated. I guess they simply are not afraid of being investigated and captured by the police and having their plans foiled. I say this because if it is online then there is doubtless countless other radical Islamist sites online which radicalize Muslims or radicalize converts to Islam. And since these sites exist, I am sure that intelligence officials are aware of this and do their best to keep tabs on them.


If they intend to attack Americans then they better do it early in the open because with the state of American Tennis there will be no targets in the second week.

I don’t think this is credible at all. What it probably is being used for is to see how we respond to a specific threat to try to find holes in our measures and responses.

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