Police arrest 400 left wing protesters after violent clashes erupt with the far-right in Germany


Left-wing demonstrators burned tyres and hurled fireworks during clashes with police as supporters of a right-wing party gathered for its congress in Stuttgart, south-east Germany.

The demonstrators temporarily blocked access roads to the site of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s annual conference by forming human chains.

Some 400 protesters were detained in violence beginning at 6am and lasting four hours.

                                                   400 Germans willing to be arrested to help the cause of mass Islamic immigration into there country :eek:


This fighting reminds me of the street fights between the Communist Party and the Nazi Party in the Weimar Republic.


This is more a circus atmosphere on behalf of people who no longer have to take life seriously though.
There, in the 1930’s, desperation was a common factor driving people to extremes. Here, it is the boredom of an entitled people.

Much like the crowds in America being drawn to Trump events, this is all about violence as entertainment.


The pro Trump crowds are going to see Trump, not violence. Any violence is associated with a smaller group of anarchists in the anti-trump protesters.


Why call them entitled people? The far-right groups who did this in Ukraine are either ignored or celebrated in the Western media.

The violence committed by the “protestors” of the Maidan is whitewashed in Western media.


Because they are entitled people. :shrug:

Why wouldn’t I call people living in the heavily socialized welfare state of Germany entitled.?
They certainly are not desperate, like Germans were in the 1930’s.


Isn’t that what I pretty much said?
I guess I wasn’t clear, but young leftist thugs are drawn to Trump for the entertainment value that comes with getting into a rumble with the Trump’s people.

People go to a Trump rally. The young leftist thugs follow those crowds in the hopes of busting a few heads. It is all good fun for them.
There are threads here that make that pretty much common knowledge.

The scenario is analogous to what is being reported in Europe by that news article.


If there were living in East Germany, they would not do this.

But again, people never speak of the thugs (and snipers) in the Euromaidan. It always about propaganda such as Nuland passing cookies, “I am a Ukrainian”, and Winter on Fire.

It is hypocrisy to condemn them without also condemning the violence on the Maidan that lead to the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine is dominated by a bunch of thugs and fascists.

Maybe these protestors in Germany want a counter-Maidan. Unfortunately, they would not get support for the media disingenuously depicting their activities as a “peaceful protest”.


Sorry, I misunderstood you.

These people out seeking a battle remind me of the largely peaceful Occupy Wall-street events. But mixed in with the mass of protesters were small groups of black clad anarchists, seeking confrontation with the Police.


If the left wing rioters are treated the way they are in America, they’ll be back out on the streets causing trouble in no time.


The far-left protesters probably want a return of East Germany.


No they wouldn’t ! because East Germany didn’t have hordes of refugees and a vibrant LGBT community.


I was trying to find far-left Germans bring the flag of the German Democratic Republic to protests, but I found this protest of the cops in Scottsdale Arizona.


In this particular instance, the pro-cop people were unruly and rude.

The anti-cop people were dressed up as the Stasi. I thought it was cute.

Also, I don’t think it is insulting to compare the cops to the Stasi. I like the Stasi and respect its work and institution.

[Edit: I actually realize that they are portraying the VoPos, since the seal is the of the German Police, not the Stasi. I have the utmost respect for the Vopos.]


LOL, that’s all you got!?!?

There was no violence, and I’d argue your VoPos were also quite beligerent, they tried to incite violence.

All told, it’s a good example of the lack of violence from the right.


How did they try to incite violence. The tall, big guy said to a woman that she should have been aborted. Also, they obstructed the taping of the pro-police rally.


Like I said, you have a double standard.

A verbal confrontation is not an act of violence.

  • pepper spraying children is an act of violence
  • thrashing a police car is an act of violence
  • telling someone they ‘smell’ is rude, but not volence

Definition: behavior **involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill **someone or something.


How do I have double standard? I didn’t defend the 400 left-wing protesters who were arrested. It is hypocrisy on the part of the US media for not depicting the violent “activists” of the Maidan.

It wasn’t just a verbal confrontation. They blocked their camera with a sign. Similarly, I think you criticized Melissa Click for doing the same thing as the pro-police activists did. But, of course, they already had “muscle”.


This is getting way off topic. The thread is about mass arrests that occured in Stuttgart yesterday when leftists attempted to shutdown a political party’s conference.


Did any of those leftists have a DDR flag?


Didn’t see any DDR flags, but I saw plenty of Antifa flags, and they’re one of the most violent groups in Western Europe.

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