Police Arrest Florida Woman Who Allegedly Tweeted She'd 'Shoot' Governor DeSantis (and others)

Police Arrest Florida Woman Who Allegedly Tweeted She’d ‘Shoot’ Governor DeSantis

Emily Czachor

Police arrested a woman in Palm Beach County, Florida, over the weekend, after she allegedly suggested that she would “shoot” Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, as well as Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, in a tweet posted several days earlier.

The woman, identified as 55-year-old Karen Jones of Lantana, reportedly told Palm Beach County authorities the sentiment included in her Thursday tweet was meant as a “joke,” according to the Miami Herald. Booking records filed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Jones was held in custody for one night following her Saturday arrest, and she was released on bond Sunday afternoon. Records additionally showed that Jones was charged with three counts of intimidation for sending “written threat[s] to kill.” The charge is classified as a second-degree felony under Florida law.

Jones’ arrest and charges came just over 48 hours after a post surfaced on Twitter, shared by an account that she ultimately claimed as her own, The Miami Herald reported. According to the newspaper, which obtained a copy of Palm Beach County detectives’ affidavit, local authorities referenced the tweet directly in their documentation concerning Jones.


My guess, she’s likely not a big threat but you can not say these kinds of things. Someone might be indeed, a real threat.

Of course her names Karen lol

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