Police: Bible, 'intervention' may have saved RTA bus driver

Updated: 7:03 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, 2014 | Posted: 6:10 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

By Breaking News Staff


A Dayton RTA bus driver was involved in a shooting this morning and police say some sort of “intervention” may have saved his life.

A New Testament bible in the front pocket of the RTA bus driver’s coat or shirt took two bullets that suspects had aimed at the victim’s chest.

Police and medics were first dispatched to the area of Lakeview Avenue and Lakeside Drive off of Gettysburg Avenue. An RTA bus driver told police he had been shot by three males who fled the scene.

The bus driver had stopped his bus on Lakeview Avenue after it had stopped running. As he was outside of the bus assessing how to fix the problem, the three suspects came up to him. The suspects had at least one gun and a knife. The suspects then fired shots at the driver and stabbed him.

The driver got back in the bus and drove to the Westown Shopping Center on West 3rd Street, where medics met him. The victim was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay, police said.

The driver was shot once in the leg, twice in the chest area and had a stab wound to his arm, police said.

Police said the suspects are three young, black males, possibly in their 20s.

An investigation around the area of the shooting closed Lakeview Avenue between Germantown Pike and Dennison Avenue closed until around 6:40 a.m.

Police continue to investigate the motive shooting, they do not believe it was an attempted robbery. (Source)

From another Dayton news source:

RTA driver shot and stabbed
By Dave Robinson Updated: Monday, February 24, 2014, 7:06 am
Published: Monday, February 24, 2014, 6:18 am


An RTA bus driver was shot and stabbed when he was attacked by three teenagers this morning.

The driver stopped his bus on Lakeview Avenue just before 5:30 to fix a mechanical problem when police said when he was confronted by the teens.

He told police the last thing he remembers is one of his attackers saying, “it’s time to kill a polar bear to get into a club.”

He was stabbed in the arm and shot once in the leg and twice in the chest, yet managed to fight off the teens and grab the gun.

Investigators told 2 NEWS a New Testament book in the victim’s shirt pocket deflected the bullets and saved his life.

Officers said he’s in good condition and is expected to survive.

The suspects were seen leaving the area in a blue car. (Source)

“it’s time to kill a polar bear to get into a club.”

No comprende :confused:

I am guessing this is some sort of racist remark (polar bears are white?) and get into a club might mean some sort of gang initiation?

I wonder if the parents of these teen boys knew where they were at 5 AM?

He was attacked for being white. West Dayton is the part of town that is like that. There’s a part of town like that in most cities. I’m from Sacramento, and there was a part of town there that a white man could not walk through without being randomly attacked. But, I think it’s gotten worse everywhere since now they are not just trying to beat up a random white guy but are trying to kill him. Perhaps this escalation from random racial assaults to random racial murders is motivated by wanting revenge for the Zimmerman trial verdict. I’m mixed race (black and white), by the way.

Thank God for his Bible!

Also, am I wrong for seeing this as a hate crime? Or does that only work when white people commit crimes like this against non-whites or even gays? Even if it is considered a hate crime it won’t be prosecuted as such. :rolleyes:

I doubt that we will see Obama or MSNBC condemning it as a hate crime. If they do anything they will use it as an opportunity to blame it on conservatives and gun laws even though it’s doubtful that these criminals got their guns by legal means. It would have been considered a “hate crime” if the bus driver would have fought back.

I thought more people would be interested in how a bus driver is alive because a New Testament in his pocket defected two bullets from going into his chest.
He wouldn’t be alive today if he had been an atheist.

Well, if he were an atheist, maybe he would still be alive, i.e., if it was God’s will. All I can say is that it was Divine intervention in every sense of the word (no pun intended) that saved this bus driver’s life. I actually heard of this incident this morning on a radio station in Montreal.

What I meant is that if he would have been an atheist he wouldn’t have had a New Testament in his pocket, and the bullets would have gone through his chest and killed him. I don’t live too far from where this happened. And we drove through West Dayton once. Someone advised us to take a different route, but we went through it anyway not realizing the danger. Now that my family and I have lived in the Dayton area for a while and have seen the regular news reports about West Dayton we know to avoid it.

I know what you meant, but most Christians don’t carry Bibles in their pocket, i.e., imagine he had not put the N.T. in his pocket that day, i.e., it was fate that intervened, i.e., he was meant to carry that book. So whether he was an Atheist or Christian does not signify, it was God’s will that this particular person live.

Yes, God could have still saved him with or without him carrying a Bible. But God chose to do it in this way which I think is a message for us. I’m not saying that the message is that we should all literally be carrying around a Bible everywhere. I think the message that God wants to give us with this is that the Word of God saves us. It’s a symbolic message.

I believe that too! :slight_smile:

He’d also still be alive if he was a Mormon. They have a big thick book too.

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