Police: Car ploughs into parade crowd in New Orleans; 28 hurt



Too early to say why, who or what but this is news breaking I notice as I type away here on another post.


Lord Jesus, have mercy. I am curious about motives.


This sad incident appears to be one of driving while intoxicated.

The local Police Chief stated, “We suspect that that subject was highly intoxicated.”

Police said the truck was lakebound on Carrollton when it hit two vehicles. “He then lost control driving over the neutral ground, striking a city dump truck and hitting multiple pedestrians,” said a Police Department statement.


Twenty-year-old Kourtney McKinnis told the Advocate that the driver of the truck seemed almost unaware of what he had just done.
“He was just kind of out of it,” she said.




Praying for all involved…:gopray2:


Prayers for all involved and thankful it wasn’t worse…


And I turn towards current events:

The number of deaths through intoxication & unruly behavior eclipse the number of deaths by individual acts of terrorism. But the former doesn’t make good news, or is as effective as inspiring prejudice in policy.

We shouldn’t be afraid, but if we are, we have more to fear from American citizens than we do from Syrian refugees, but the refugee is different and therefore wrongfully seen as dangerous. There are a few who commit crimes, and yet there are so many US cities with rates of violent crime that surpass anything that has been done by the refugees in Europe. They have so much to offer their hosts with their hands & feet & hearts.

The public isn’t guided by common sense, common good, natural law, or math, but by postmodern Yellow Journalism that creates dragons where there is really only a snake.

We should not be a country ruled by fear. We should expand our hospitality and open our borders to far more people that are in need of shelter & rest. By showing this compassion, we will possibly gain just as much as they will from us. Our children & grandchildren should be able to look to their predecessors as examples for inspiration rather than a shameful part of a shared national past.


Hard to say whether it was caused by alcohol or drugs, but one thing is for sure, if this was caused by drugs of any kind, there will be lots of calls to get tougher, new regulations, laws, etc, but if it was caused by alcohol, I can guarantee there will not be one person calling for more regulation, laws etc.


This incident got a little media coverage here in the U.S. but not much. It almost seems as if it is par for the course. To take a page from the conservative handbook, I suppose if the story is not related to Trump’s shenanigans, it is hardly worth covering.


Well, it is not exactly shocking the people are injured at a drunken revelry.


That is true, and fortunately no one was killed.


Praying for the injured.


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