Police: Harrisburg High student assumed false identity, is actually Ukrainian national


Police: Harrisburg High student assumed false identity, is actually Ukrainian national

Ukrainian national who assumed a false identity and went on to enroll, and apparently excel, at Harrisburg High School, is facing multiple charges, according to police.

Harrisburg police said in a news release that the Harrisburg High student known as Asher Potts actually is 23-year-old Artur Samarin, a Ukranian national who stayed in the U.S. after his visa expired. Police said he took on the identity of Potts.

Police arrested Samarin at 3 p.m. Tuesday, and he’s been charged with theft, identity theft and tampering with public records, according to the news release.

Police said Samarin, using a false date of birth and the false identity of Potts, obtained a social security card and other United States documents.

When he was arrested, police said Samarin had a Pennsylvania driver’s license issued under the name of Potts.

Potts, apparently, did well during his time at Harrisburg High School. He was recently one of the youth panelists on a town hall forum to discuss violence, and he was a member of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank’s inaugural Junior Advisory Council. According to ABC27, Potts was a member of the ROTC and Naval Sea Cadet program.

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This may not be a gigantic story but since it is an international forum, I thought some members might find this to be of interest.


One wonders about why this fellow is being prosecuted. There are so many illegal immigrants with fake ID; perhaps millions, and no mind is paid to them at all. A ticket here and there for “no operator’s license” when the falsehood is discovered.


If a terrorist was to do this, he would be completely undetectable. It is a clear path to infiltrate anywhere in society with complete immunity.

Doesn’t a 23 year old person posing as a youth, with a fake drivers license, preparing to join the military give you cause for concern?

If you are too young to remember the Cold War, you probably think it is harmless.

If you lived through the Cold War and you follow terrorism in the news, it probably scares you enough to ensure that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

(With our Justice Department, it probably means he will be given full citizenship and damages for false imprisonment.)


I am well aware of the hazards inherent in this sort of thing. What astonishes me, however, is that he is being prosecuted while millions of others who do the very same things are not.


Yes, I think they should not throw the book at him unless they have discovered malicious intent or he was a spy. Just charge him and deport.

Speaking of Moles, I’m a big fan of the cold war spy show The Americans. Highly recommend it to all


The day of the jackal was written blah years ago,still no protection of records


You are right. I just get frustrated about immigration and the borders. There is so much potential for danger, and we are just banking on foreign bad guys being incredibly stupid. Banking on bad guys being less intelligent than the average person of Watter’s World is not a good policy.


Since, as you admitted, prosecution is so rare, you could say that for any particular individual being prosecuted. If he was a Hispanic or Muslim, you probably would not say this. Maybe one may wonder why it is a particular Hispanic.

Banking on bad guys being less intelligent than the average person of Watter’s World is not a good policy.

That is how they got Aaron Hernandez. Maybe he was smart enough not to be detected for 10 months after the Boston double homicide.


What does Aaron have to do with illegal immigration?
He was born in Connecticut.


I was referring the general strategy of catching criminals by their own stupidity. Someone allegedly left the keys to a rental car that Aaron possessed at the murder scene of Odin Lloyd.


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