Police--Juveniles laughed after setting 15 yr old on fire


*I saw this on the news, yesterday…how horrific! Praying that this boy comes through this, he is going to have such a painful recovery. How sad too, that teens are so angry these days, that they’d set someone on fire. Such a sad story all around.

My prayers to Michael Brewer and his family…and the boys who are going to face jail time. What’s happening to our youth? :(*

I blame technology/media. It’s like fire. Good for mankind but dangerous. With all this exposure to graphic violence we’ve become desensitized. I told my wife today that society has lost a healthy fear of God and childlike faith. It’s eating our souls alive. :frowning:

Ugh, how horrible!!!

I second the “what’s happening to our youth.” The majority of people I know at school are just TERRIBLE. I’m so afraid that they’re distancing themselves from God :(. But don’t worry, us good kids are still out there:D and hopefully we’ll be able to change this mess of a country we live in for the better. I’ve read a lot about the resurgence of traditional catholic values among younger people and it just goes to show you what’s coming. Maybe not in this country, maybe not for a while, but things will get better.

Lord have mercy

I see a problem though. It looks like both sides have a bit to account for. Though, burning him was despicable (What the heck were they thinking!? :mad:) this was just the end of a chain. The kid bought a game for 40$ but didn’t pay and that’s a fair lot of money for some people. This in turn caused one of the suspects to steal from him (most likely for revenge) and prompted the victim to “snitch” on him. What this here was just a return passing of the ball… only this time the ball ignited if you know what I mean.

Still, man, what a stupid way for things to turn out.

But, you know, it’s really a good thing that we took prayer and the Ten Commandments out of the schools and suppressed all religious expression in public life. See how well things are working out?

I think there is more to the story, I’m sure the details will come out soon. It’s hard to imagine that out of five kids, none in the group said…’‘This is a reaaaalllly bad idea to burn this kid.’’ But they all went along. I just think that kids don’t manage anger very well, and they seem so very angry these days. Kids had disputes back in the ‘old days,’ but they didn’t try to kill each other. To set a kid on fire for $40? There is no excuse…and who knows, maybe the kid just didn’t have the money yet, and said to the boy, I’ll pay you when I have it. The teens who were responsible for this act, were all in and out of juvenile detention centers…now, they will most likely be heading to prison. If this boy dies, they will be charged with first degree murder. It is such a sad tragedy. It’s important to teach our kids to avoid hanging out with people who are up to no good, and to walk away when one of your ‘‘friends’’ wants to commit a crime, but they all participated…it’s so scary. Praying for all involved, all these boys need our prayers…and our youth needs to be bathed in prayers. :gopray:

Preach it! Amen to that! I also think that these boys who were responsible for this, (from what I read) had no dads in their lives. When God is not in someone’s life…and the family unit is dismantled, we are going to see more and more anger amongst kids. It’s a tragedy. Praying for Michael Brewer to make it through, but what a painful life is going to have, in recovery. *

This is tragic and feel the direct resulte of our culture that glorifies criminals and outlaws.

You are absolutly right look at the insanely high crime rates everywhere this happened like the U.K. and in non-Christian nations like Japan! Oh… wait…

Precisely—we all know there’s absolutely no crime at all in nations like the UK and Japan. Oh, wait…:rolleyes:

Crime is reported differently depending on where you are. That is why the UCR published by the FBI can be so misleading. Now take that and multiply it by an entire country and you get somw wierd statistics.

So in other words when you get data you don’t like you explain it away?

The UK has lower gun crime numbers than the US, but gun crime isn’t the only kind of violent crime.

“The public misconception is that the UK is a safe country and the US violent, but the truth is just the opposite. Depending on which numbers you choose, the violent crime rate in the UK is five times higher than the rate in the US.”

No, it is a love of evil that these boys have developed. It would have happened at any other time and place.

*But what causes such young boys to feel so much anger, is the question? To want to hurt someone so badly over something so trivial? :frowning: *

Should have explained myself better:

There are problems within our own country of police departments manipulating crime reports to make it look like their city is safer. For example, Atlanta at one point would change a breaking & entering to vandalism of a door to make it look like there is less violent crime. When the Uniform Crime Report is compiled by the FBI, it is up to the states to decide if their police dept. report directly to the FBI or go through a “clearinghouse” to make sure the reports are accurate. SC comes up higher than a lot of other states, but all police reports go through SLED before they get reported to the FBI to make sure they are accurate. If inaccurate reports are given to the FBI or reports that are unclear, they are either tossed out or just assigned a crime to be reported under.

My point is if we have that problem within our own country, then you know many other countries have the same problem and can mess around with the numbers.

Wow… I am generally not in favor of the death penalty, and I know it is against Catholic teaching, but it really seems like these young “people” deserve it.

I think that for some people there is no logical answer.

It’s like asking what causes the serial killer to torture and murder random, innocent people.

What causes it is brain malfunction, people who do these kinds of things are not normal in the most basic sense. They are incapable of empathy, and these things can be caused by genetics, brain injury. It’s not a personality trait, mental health professionals are at a loss as to what to do with these people. They cannot be changed. The only way to eliminate the threat they pose to society is to either lock them up forever or kill them.

Your post here is very interesting, flyingfish. I agree to an extent. I’m afraid these kids don’t deserve to be allowed out of jail. To me, this is worse than killing someone with a gun, while that is bad enough, to light someone on fire? Ugh…the horrible torture this boy will be in for so long, is staggering to think about. If he makes it, he will be fortunate, and if he does, the skin grafts and everything else to keep his body from becoming infected …it’s just so horrific. It’s hard to imagine it. I pray for these boys that they have remorse in their hearts over this…and if they have to face jail, that God gives them the strength to handle it. They are only kids themselves, probably going to adult prisons. Hasn’t been decided for sure.

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