Police: Legally armed bystanders break up Walmart shooting


Good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns.



I am curious how the bystanders intervened. I mean, how does one approach a bunch of agitated gunmen and persuade them to cease fire? Thank God nobody got killed.


Apparently very carefully. I have to wonder what might have happened if the armed bystanders hadn’t intervened–how many might have died.

No one should do that kind of thing unless he has had proper training, of course, but in this instance it was the right thing to do since doing so saved lives. Still, it wouldn’t be my first choice, but then I don’t carry a gun and have no training.

Just yesterday a woman stopped an intruder from doing heaven only knows what to herself and her two small daughters when she shot a man she found lurking in her daughter’s bedroom after they’d come home. Sometimes carrying a gun can be a good thing since the police are minutes away and may get to the scene too late to save innocent lives.


If they had the guns legally, I presume they had CCPs. If so, they did have training.


Just so. :slight_smile:


It was a drug deal in progress most likely, and the quick way to stop it is for the two samaritans to point their guns at the criminals from different positions and order the criminal to immediately drop his weapon or be shot.


They had apparently had already stopped shooting at one another and were engaged in hand to hand combat.

All four suspects were sitting in vehicles parked next to each other, and one suspect starting shooting at another vehicle, resulting in returned gunfire, the statement said. When the gunfire ceased, one suspect exited a vehicle to confront the occupants of the other vehicle.

McBride and Dejesus allegedly are responsible for firing shots, according to the statement. State police, Hallowell and Winthrop police departments and the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office assisted Augusta police.

Police say after shots rang out, two legally armed bystanders who saw it unfold stepped in to help keep the situation from escalating any further.


After the intervention, one of the shooters (and his friend) got back into a car and drove away. Police found him, wounded, at his friend’s home. The other shooter remained in the Walmart parking lot.



This is a good example of why we need our 2nd Amendment rights.


Still waiting for the 24 hour news coverage, Obama press conference, and 30+ page thread…




Must be a slow week at CAF!

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