Police: Murder suspects were attempting exorcism


Police charged two women on Saturday in the deaths of two children in Maryland, saying the women believed they were performing an exorcism.


It’s a shame really because something tragic like that just fuels the fire of atheism. They can use something like that against you.


Anyone who would use this kind of thing in defense of atheism would be just looking for an excuse.


Satan was definitely present, but it was not in the children.


The suspects are merely setting up their defense.

They don’t have to actually believe what they say, they simply have to claim it. :shrug:


Two other children were injured in this incident. One of the women is the mother of all 4 children. This woman has to be mentally disturbed to harm her own children like this. She could say she thought they were possessed, or that she were hearing voices, but either way I believe she needs help. It seems very clear that she did commit this crime so hopefully she receives treatment while in prison.


Praying for these innocent children.


Another move of Mr Satan?


The strange thing is though, if you look back thru the past, this kind of thing has happened quite a bit, and it is literally impossible for someone to know for sure if the kids were indeed possessed. What if they truly were? It should not be considered murder then?


Exorcisms never involved stabbing children with knives. That is murder.


To quote Brother William of Baskerville, sometimes the devil is present not in the victims, but in the inquisitors. :frowning:


This is why the Catholic church doesn’t let just anybody perform exorcisms. They invite neutral psychologists and other experts to weigh in before going to the final step of exorcism. Exorcists spend years in training, and it is very difficult work. But the bulk of exorcism is prayer, being very very sure you are well catechized, know yourself well. Some have a charism to recognise the devil even when he comes as an angel of light. But all of us have feet of clay.

I think it is possible in the beginning the mothers had good intentions-- and charitably were good parents. That is, before they decided to take on powers and principalities unprepared. Think on it-- when you decide to pursue the devil, and think are stopping out evil-- you can get very worked up and carried away to the point where you don’t know what you are doing.

I agree with the commenters who say that the devil wasn’t necessarily in the children. But the devil doesn’t just sway those who already have serious problems. He can find a toe hold in all of us. Perhaps, in some pride, or fear of evil-- he can take an otherwise laudatory zealousness and turn it into something monstrous. What they did was terrible, but I would hesitate before using this as an indicator of prior bad acts.

As for atheists, now they think the Big Bang Theory is a decent argument for Atheism. (The scientific theory of the beginning of the universe, not the TV show roughly based on it :wink: What they forget is that most atheists opposed it in the beginning because it smacked of theism-- and was devised by a Catholic Priest.


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