Police Officer Protects Souls on Duty, Protects Unborn Off Duty

see catholicsun.org/2016/11/16/men-in-the-breach-police-officer-protects-souls-on-duty-protects-unborn-off-duty/
He returned to the Catholic faith of his childhood and now serves his parish, and he has begun carrying holy water on duty and sprinkling it in a few places where evil clearly exists. This article goes on to speak of the many ways he lives out his faith on and off duty
The title of this report, however, doesn’t give a correct account of his life now.

Great article. I’m a police officer myself and try to show Christ in any way I can.

I may catch some flack from this, but while I think what this guy is doing is great, I think its also important to do these things ‘on duty’ too, even if it causes conflicts, or your job is threatened by doing such things…after all, we cannot be christians on a part time basis or only ‘off the clock’.

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