Police on alert amid fears Isil-inspired terrorists may target them


Police across the UK have been put on an unprecedented alert amid fears Islamist terrorists may be planning to kill an officer on the street.
Officers and civilian staff have been told to remain extra vigilant to “any possible dangers” fuelling fears intelligence has suggested a plan to attack them. telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11155009/Police-on-alert-amid-fears-Isil-inspired-terrorists-may-target-them.html

                                           I actually for once don't feel this threat is that exaggerated because in the last few days supporters of ISIS have violently attacked Kurdish marches in Germany and Austria. 

                                             The Salafist time bomb continues to tick down in Europe and the rest of the Western world.


Wow. This is not good. I hope and pray that the officers are kept safe.



Did members of terrorist group cross Mexican border? Answer remains unclear

One has to read it, yes, it sounds like Middle Easterners connected to a USA-recognized terrorist group did try to come across, no, it doesn’t seem as if it was ISIS.


**The police have good reason to be concerned.
ISIS has instructed its operatives to strike the military in enemy countries – in their homes.
In most of the world, the police are synonymous with the military.
Add to this the various other uniformed services – fire departments, paramedics, even municipal services – and suddenly, if the attacking enemy is not terribly fussy about who it hits, they have a target rich environment.


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