Police out of hand


Please pray for my 15 yo cousin. Throughout his life he has been plagued with health problems so my Aunt and Uncle were very lax with dicipline. He’s better now, and has been for a few years but had trouble in school and is now homeschooling. This has worked out good, but he’s so intelligent and it leaves him alot of free time to get into things.

The other night he shoved his mom, (not hard, but disrespectful) so she called the poliece to have them talk with him about respect.

I’ll spare you the details but basically, they came over and the officer threw him down, kicked him, cuffed him but in such a brutal fasion that his face, wrists, and ribs were bruised, and his toe was broken. He’s not a big teenager…he’s much smaller than his dad.

Its VERY scarry and a very hard situation for my Aunt who said he’s regressed into a cold, fearful shell and sais no to everything (but will do it later).


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