Police, pelted by crowd, arrest about 65 in Kent State University neighborhood in night of merry-making

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Police, pelted by crowd, arrest about 65 in Kent State University neighborhood in night of merry-making

Police say about 65 people were arrested Saturday evening after Kent State University students and other revelers pelted officers with bottles, rocks and debris.
Most are charged with failure to disperse and underage drinking. Those unable to post bond will be arraigned today. The others are due in court Wednesday or Thursday.
Students on East College Street, just west of campus, began celebrating the end of the school year early Saturday. The party, advertised as College Fest, turned into a riot after police arrested one person.

The crowd reacted to the arrest by throwing things at officers, who called for more officers, who were also pelted, said Lt. John Altomare in a news release at 3 a.m.
A SWAT team and neighboring police departments arrived to help disperse the crowd of “several thousand,” Altomare said.
Officers marched down the street ordering people to leave. “The crowd continued to throw objects at officers and began building fires in the middle of the street,” Altomare said.

When firefighters arrived to douse flames as high as power lines, they too, were pelted with rocks, bottles and bricks. Police fired tear gas and pepper-spray balls, a dispatcher said.
The crowd was dispersed by 10:30 p.m.
Several officers and a firefighter received minor injuries. No one in the crowd reported injuries, police said.

Does anybody else here remember Kent State 1970?

While I was not born when the Kent State incident happened in 1970, I know about it. I definitely know enough to say that this rioting incident is nothing like what happened in 1970.

The students in this case are entirely in the wrong and the police acted as they needed to act. If people think that they have a “right” to riot and cause destruction, then it is a dark path for our society to take.

No good society would tolerate the kind of behavior that those students were displaying.

I’m a bit too young to remember it, but I do know of it. I was shocked, ten years ago, that none of my college classmates had heard of it. They thought I was making it up!

As for drunken college students getting arrested en masse… I think that is par for the course. Here in Iowa, one our state universities has an annual official celebration which inevitably leads to large numbers of arrests. It was 50 this year, but at least rioting didn’t break out (which has happened in previous years, and even led to the banning of the celebration in 2005)

We, the people, are allowed to organize and such. However, we are to do so peacefully. There is no right to riot or incite violence or commit violence. The rioters should have had the water from the firehoses sprayed on them to force them to discontinue the violence. I truly hope that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It must be totally understood that what they did is totally unnacceptable.

Why was this not all over the news? I will bet that it is because the media do not want anyone to be known to riot except those who peacefully protest abortion and taxes.

My guess would be that television news decided that this was a one-off event, and mainly a local interest story. I just searched Google News and several newspapers outside of Ohio (and even more within Ohio) ran a story about the riot.

Well, drunken college students hardly rate nat’l coverage, I’m sure there have been many incidents like this one which really only merits attention because of the location. Otoh, we’re treated to local stories on the national news all the time like little white girls who go missing or are killed by their mom – Nancy Grace has made a career out of that.

Btw, I didn’t mean actually compare this riot with what happened in 1970 – it just makes me feel old that I do remember.

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