Police: Teacher Shoots Student

what a headline!

they make it sound like a history teacher shot a highschooler…

Police: Teacher Shoots Student

POSTED: Wednesday, May 6, 2009
UPDATED: 4:45 pm EDT May 6, 2009

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – A concealed weapons teacher accidentally shot a student in his class Tuesday afternoon, police said.
The 52-year-old student was shot in the face and transported to Troy Beaumont Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
The 74-year-old teacher was instructing a class on Dequindre Road around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when one of the students asked him to demonstrate the difference between single action and double action.
The Washington Township man displayed a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver from a holster and accidentally discharged a bullet.
The bullet hit a table and then ricocheted and struck the Oakland Township man in the face.
The teacher said he thought the gun was loaded with plastic bullets.
Police are calling the shooting accidental. No charges have been filed at this point.


Yes, the headline is extremely misleading. I fully expected what you did - a high school student being shot by his or her teacher.

Er… but since the article is about adults at a voluntary class, and the shooting was an accident which didn’t seriously injure anyone, why did you post the article? Is there something else to discuss, other than the headline?

Strikes me that MISLEADING HEADLINES are worthy of discussion if for no other reason than they show the media bias and its efforts to sensationalize stories.

It is no wonder that the newspapers are going bankrupt and that many of the broadcast media outlets are losing views to non-traditional forms of news.


a better headline might be

accidental gun discharge injures class participant

or better yet, why is this news?

What cracks me up is some of these newspapers are blaming their loss of readership on Bush and the economy. They don’t blame their own bias reporting. The NYT and Boston Globe there going down because we can go to other sources they’ve been lying to us for years.

These elite snobs think people in flyover country are just a bunch of dumb rednecks. I’m not kidding listen to them sometimes, they look down on us, they think their above us.

My own local paper did this a few years ago. On the front page is a large photo of this liberal democrat congressmen. However when you read the article it’s all about the guy who won the Republican runoff in the Republican Primary.

They wonder why they’re losing subscriptions and why we go to the net. Because we don’t need them anymore Hey newspaper elitist keep on doing what your doing; your going down baby.

I also had this high school situation expectation, but with a bit of a nuance to it…
I was thinking, ok…was this a punk student who pulled a gun on the teacher and therefor, a completely justified shooting…?
Glad to see no one got seriously injured…hope the locals actually read the article instead of drawing conclusions from just the large bold headline…:shrug:

It cracks me up about how folks are going on about the misleading headline. I can’t believe a firearms instructor would have a weapon pointed at a student!

I believe that is contrary to the first rule of gun safety. But no one here is mentioning that.

The head actually reads: “Police: Teacher Accidentally Shot Student” but the situation is being used by some to trumpet their views of media bias.:rolleyes:

In the interest of accuracy, there is at least one revision since the OP posted (well, near simultaneous, but I’m going by the quoted update time in the OP’s C&P). The headline presently reads:

Police: Gun Teacher Shoots Student

And yes, gun safety rules were not followed, but the student was injured from a ricochet not a direct shot.

the headline of the link i posted still reads the same, and it still is an over the top headline.
and yes, headlines speak volumes for the media. they don’t know how to report the news, they only know how to sensationalize, and a very inaccurate job they do even then.

and, according to the article, the weapon was not pointed at the student. where did you read that?

For public safety we need to:

Ban all Headlines.

We need background checks on all Headlines. Federal and State.

No Headlines in school zones.

No Headlines on College campuses.

No Assault Headlines.

No Hunting Headlines.

No Concealed Headlines.

Only the military can have Headlines, because of that second adjustment thing that says only government people can have Headlines.

We the smartest people in the United States and we do this because you’re not smart enough to make good decision, so we’ll make if ya.

Even though we know that only criminals will have Headlines we don’t care because we have hired Headline security around our property. All you other people that can’t afford this you’re on your own baby.

We do this to save the children from Headlines because it makes us feel good.

It appears that he didn’t read it…as I posted previously, many folks get their information from the headline and MIGHT skim the text at best…that’s why headlines are written as they are, most folks don’t bother reading the actual article…

Yep, another revision about 4 minutes after I posted, and we’re back to the original headline:

Police: Teacher Shoots Student

Headlines do slant the way a person sees the information in the article (and may, in many cases, substitute for actually having read the article).

Earlier reports did not say the student was hit by a ricochet. That makes a slight bit of difference; primarily as to how the weapon was pointed. I still cannot fathom how this accident occurred without some failure of very basic safe handling discipline.

Reagan was hit by a ricochet. I don’t think anyone mentioned the difference.

That probably has something to do with the fact that the bullet was being fired at someone with the intent to harm/kill. Even in the case of a ricochet from an accidental shooting of a gun being carried during a robbery, there would be a difference because the person was committing a crime.

In this case, it was a complete accident. As a lawyer, I’m assuming you can see the difference there.

Uh, yes the very first report did. Maybe you just missed it? From the first post: The bullet* hit a table and then ricocheted** and struck the Oakland Township man in the face. *

Totally agree with you on this point. Hopefully the instructor lost his teaching certification too.

No we just need to ban journalism schools:D we should be able to do it under a consumer protection law, they are d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y putting out a bad product:rolleyes:

This kind of headline is misleading, and it demonstrates how easily information can
MISINFORM a casual reader.
If the poster had failed to post the article itself you would not have known that it was a misrepresentation.
We can all learn from the post…if nothing else to be thorough in our reading.

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