Police turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio during funeral for fallen NYPD cop


“Dec. 27: Law enforcement officers turn their backs on a live video monitor showing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as he speaks at the funeral of slain New York Police Department officer Rafael Ramos near Christ Tabernacle Church in the Queens.” (Reuters)

Published December 27, 2014

Hundreds of police officers outside the Queens, N.Y. church Saturday where the funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos was being held turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as he eulogized the fallen officer who was ambushed last week along with his partner.

De Blasio’s remarks were being shown on large TV monitors outside the Christ Tabernacle Church. Police union officials have accused the mayor of fostering a climate of mistrust that contributed to the killings of Officer Ramos and his partner.

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The police turning their backs on the NYC mayor is an example of protesting in a civilized way.




It is a sad time; and feelings of those directly affected are free to be expressed. Probably many of the officers who felt the need to turn their backs were motivated by feeling betrayed, by someone who ( being in authority and getting a lot of undeserved attention because of the deaths of police officers), needed to be called out.

The Mayor needed to support the police because they DESERVED support in the performance of their duty. It is unacceptable that he did NOT and furthered the racial negativity for political purpose.

The Mayor was guilty of committing “Stolen Valor” - false use of honorable deeds of those who protect and defend as in the Military, Police, Firemen and Emergency Responders.


Not surprising. Only the strong can face the truth at all times and for all people.


Do you think he gets the message or is ego and pride and politics taking over? I support the officers in what they did.

Your post was very good.


Ego, pride, politics…? When did fearing for your child’s life develop a label?


Wow, during the funeral also.


I considered it rude, but more importantly, unprofessional. Positions have rules and regulations which everyone has to follow, you can’t just pick and choose. I can understand being angry, but hopefully no one truly believes de Blasio was responsible for this killing.

The killer had access to a gun despite his mental problems. Perhaps everyone should be agitating for better mental health care and stricter gun control. This sad case proves that having a gun does not protect you. Two trained, armed police officers were killed.

The UK has more violent crime than the US, per capita, but far fewer deaths, because of their strict gun laws. Had these two officers been attacked with a knife they would still be alive.

My prayers go to all.


It is poor taste, and offensive to the families to use the funeral to make, a statement.

Prayers for comfort to the, survivors and for the souls of years departed.


There wouldn’t be a funeral for these police officers if the liberals hadn’t been encouraging the public to hate the police.


The mayor is there for one reason…to make a statement, to look like he actually cares to the voters…


The public needs liberals to tell them what to feel when people are killed with no accountability?


“the liberals”?:shrug:

That’s as silly as claiming there wouldn’t be funerals for these police officers if “the conservatives” didn’t push to make guns so accessible.


And, if that is the reason, shame on him too.


You misunderstand. Ego, pride and politics for showing up at the funeral when he knew how the officers felt. Even if the family said they wouldn’t turn him away.


By that I mean all of the liberal politicians and all of the liberals in the media. Some have suddenly backtracked after this. But before this happened they were encouraging people to hate the police.


You could pass a law to make carrying a gun in NY illegal, but wait it already is illegal.


You’ve obviously never been attacked with a knife.



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