Police Violence and Teens


What are your opinions on this situation?


The video doesn’t show enough context to have a firm opinion one way or the other.


Police departments are woefully underfunded. The budget cuts mean that the officers get less training, both initially and continuing ed.

Pay for a police officer has plummeted so it is not seen as the honorable profession it once was, so, it attracts people of a different mindset. There used to be very high standards to get in to the police academy, sadly now the want ads ask for people with a pulse and a GED.

We have to work at a local municipal level to get rid of the “McCop” mentality and get back to men and women who are smart, trained, who respect the law and the citizens, men and women who truly “protect and serve”.

“Protect and Serve” has become “Punish and Overpower and be careful not to log any overtime”.



You don’t know what went on previously or what might else be going on that’s not in the picture.


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