Police: Woodburn priest chased boy down street after abuse


Unbelievable. How much more?

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i really empathasize with the young victim and would naturally want that the culprit be punished as per Law…
on another thread, today, i have highlighted such child-abuse that is becoming increasingly rampant and hope that stern action would be taken by the church also.

i hope that other members on this site would contribute their views on a very important problem confronting the church…

Child abuse is rampant.

there are a reported figures of 600,000 to 3,000,000 cases per year in the US.
By contrast the number of Newly reported cases in the Church has steadily diminished sinceitsheight in 1968 and especially since the reporting. reforms of 2002.
I don’t think its realistict to assume that any one institution could iliminare these sick people from their ranks.
The most important thing we can do is to make sure that
we don’t ignore the proplem if we have any evidence of wrong doing.
To many good people have turners their back on the problem because they didn’t want to get involved .
These criminals depend on this reaction.
In the John Jay study done on Chatholic Church abuse between 1952 and 2002 there were 10,000 reported cases by 1,000 priests 51% of the priests had one accuser which means 90% of the abuse came from 500priests.
The nature of the crime is serial if not stopped they will continue to abuse.
The most important thing youcando is be alert.
I suggest attending training offered byyour parish
What the US Bishops instituted although far from perfert
is the best plan on combating this evil out there

There is no reason to believe it is becoming more rampant.

It is simply being reported- which is a good thing.

The Church is making stern efforts to address this scar on the institutional Church.

you mean that it is already wide-spread? or rampant?

if there are more good samaritans like the one in this incident, we can expect more reports being made? TRUTH ALONE MUST TRIUMPH!

the church’s stern measures are unlikely to bear fruit, since they are not that stern!

this is only the tip of the iceberg!

To many good people have turners their back on the problem because they didn’t want to get involved . quote…

these good people would have to get involved when their children, in this case sons, are violated sexually, physcially, mentally, emotonally,

Can you backup your concerns with facts?

That there is a huge problem in the Church simply cannot bebacked up with factual evidence.
The facts that we have are desspite an increase of crime in the general population the number of clergy abuses cases is diminishing
One one occurs it becomes national news
That child molestation is under reported is most likely true for the reasons I outlined.
That has to stop.
If you stop a molesters the first time you could have prevented dozens of children from being molested.

Real problems are never solved by having yourhead inthe sand or by being a Chicken Little

even if there is only one child molestation or “rape”, it is a matter of concern to me but not to you unless your son is a victim of sexual- abuse, in which case you will be unconcerned, since the fact is only 1 ‘rape’ has been committed in church while 10000 in the world?
if you demand facts, what is Truth?

So what is your approach to prevent abuse.
Lament and hand ringing are not an approach.
Unless you have a specific agenda unrelated to crime prevention. I have a serious problem with people who only care of abuse
when it occurs in the Church.

Vigilence as a parent can prevent your son or daughter from molestation. Vigilence and reporting. can prevent children being molested in the future.
This applies to all children.
I can’t believe your indifference to the 9999 children.
Are you saying they are less than the one.
That’s the message that angers me.
Understanding the problem is the first step.If you are Catholic sign up for your parish training.

if you have 2 sons, will you offer the other cheek, as per church teaching?

how do you justify the church as a refuge or haven for sex-perverts, bi-sexuals, thieves, murderers…?

is the church empowered or authorised to violate ITS/her own precepts or commands?

indeed i am ashamed to be a catholic and shall henceforth be just a human being belonging to no religion!

Sorry to hear your last comments.

The world is a refuge for all the types of people you accuse the Catholic Church of haboring.
The difference is we are actually doing something about.
The rest of the world hasn’t faced it yet.


Absolutely, on all points. :thumbsup:

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