Polish archbishop calls anti-Semitism 'irrational behavior'

JERUSALEM (CNS) – A Polish archbishop said the Catholic Church must not accept anti-Semitism within its ranks, calling it “irrational behavior.”

Archbishop Jozef Zycinski of Lublin spoke to Catholic News Service during a Nov. 30-Dec 1 conference in Jerusalem focusing on the relationships among the Polish Catholic Church, Jews and Israel.

“In the case of Lublin … we emphasize that (the Jews) were present in our life, in cultural solidarity. It is part of our cultural heritage,” he said.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0806061.htm

I was surprised to see the title of this thread. My first thought was: “No kidding. Why does he feel a need to make this announcement?” But I guess he had good reason to say it.

Even the younger generation of Redemptorist priests are skeptical of Radio Maryja’s message, said Archbishop Zycinski, noting that the ideas predate the Second Vatican Council and the followers are a minute percentage of the population.

An anti-Semitic idea “shouldn’t be accepted, but there are groups where it plays a factor. It is hard to understand a return (to anti-Semitism), but for the elderly it is a form of psychological support to defend Polish identity,” he said, adding that Father Rydzyk “is ‘anti-’ in general.”

Its a shame to that some feel a need to cling to hateful ideas. I hope Abp. Zycinski is correct that such ideas are on the way out and that he isn’t just making nice.

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