Polish archbishop warns of the new totalitarianism of lgbt ideology


Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski of Kraków warned of major threats to Polish — and international — freedom emanating from the totalitarianism of the twentieth century.

The archbishop described the propaganda of LGBT ideology as “aggressive and “subverting,” using concepts like “tolerance” and “progress” to justify its promotion.


Totally true and totally heroic for speaking out on his part. The life altering medical experimentation being carried out on children is child abuse. The entire agenda is diabolical and denies the ordered creation of God. The “sex education” being proposed is not education. It’s grooming. The fact is that regardless of ones views on gender one cannot change their sex. We have parents in the US losing custody of their children for refusing consent to dangerous life altering medical experimentation. This is as bad as lobotomies. None of these ‘treatments’ or interventions change ones sex. They only disrupt the ordered functioning of the individuals endocrine system. Newer studies are now being linked to puberty blocking hormones resulting in decreased IQ. This is criminal and future generations will view the entire movement as a barbaric attack on the biological integrity of human beings. Society decries hormone dosing in livestock yet supports the same in otherwise healthy children.


God bless Poland and the faithful Polish people.

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