Polish doctor fired for declining to perform abortion [CWN]


A Catholic doctor in a Polish public hospital has been dismissed for his refusal to perform an abortion or refer the pregnant woman to an abortionist.Dr. Bogdan Chazan offered free …



Wow. That is horrible. Doesn’t Poland have laws protecting freedom of conscience?


Good. What he did was terrible for the patient who not only had to give birth to this child against her will, but now hast to watch it slowly die due its malformation over the next month or two. She should sue him. People who put their personal non-medical prejudices against any medical procedures above the welfare of their patients shouldn’t practice medicine at all.


Do you really think that refusing to murder an unborn child is a “terrible” thing? If so, you are wrong. What he did was courageous and good. He saved that unborn child’s life. I applaud him for refusing to murder an unborn child, even with the threat of losing his job over it.


From the article linked in the OP

“A doctor can refuse to carry out an abortion on moral grounds, but a public hospital cannot,” a spokesman said.


What makes you think she “had to give birth against her will?” If the mother had wanted an abortion, why didn’t she just go to another doctor at that hospital? Seek a second opinion? Is he the only one at the public hospital she was allowed to see? Ultimately isn’t it the mother’s choice?


“A doctor can refuse to carry out an abortion on moral grounds, but a public hospital cannot,” a spokesman said.

The doctor did refuse to carry out an abortion. Another doctor at that public hospital, who had no problem with doing the abortion, could have done the procedure, if the patient had wanted it.


Sounds to me like the mother had second thoughts afterwards and the hospital is trying to avoid a lawsuit. So the doctor is the scapegoat…not that I know the whole story. I’m completely reading between the lines…but it is a possibility…unless the law is that “every doctor in a public hospital must perform abortion or must always refer a pregnant woman to an abortionist.” In that case, then what is the point of having a skilled doctor there anyway to make his own clinical decisions? The government would just tell him what to do and how to care for his patients.


Were my late mother here I could tell her that you had determined that due to the fact she refuse to participate in abortions (as she was entitled to when practising as a nurse in the UK) that therefore her lifetime of caring for the sick and terminally ill was one she should not have engaged in due to her ‘prejudices’.


I hope and pray that someday abortion will be completely illegal and punishable as murder worldwide.


Thank you Cider. I didn’t read the article. :blush:


When one has no belief in God it makes perfect sense to force Drs to abort imperfect or unwanted children

Hobby Lobby ruling aids Michigan woman's lawsuit

She wanted an abortion. He not only refused to provide it, which he is within his right to do, but also refused to refer her to another doctor who would, which is not his right to do.


Killing an innocent being is murder. Now unless you can convince me it’s not, and you won’t be able to as materialist agnostics have no way to do that, you’re only stating your own subjective preference for killing innocents. Nothing stopping you from being an abortion doctor yourself.

Still intolerance and totalitarian forcing of people to go against their will or conscience is very worrying.

And Poland has millions of ex-functionaries and their children who as ex-Communists are pro-abortion and don’t have an issue with abortion. The decision to fire must have been from one such ex-apparatchik.


It is however co-operating with evil which is a sin in the Catholic view. It’s like referring someone to a hit man because one refuses to do it oneself.

The woman could have sourced an abortion doctor herself. She most likely knows how to use the internet or a telephone book. She also has full rights to her medical information which means he’d have to provide her with all the details of the ongoing investigations they had been doing anyway.

It seems to me some people are happy to force their morality on others. This doc did not prevent this woman from having an abortion, or going to an abortion doc, all he did was not pick up a phone and call a colleague who would. It seems very petty of pro-abortionists and people who otherwise are against “suffering” to want to cause suffering in a doctor vs the minimum of inconvenience to the woman.

Certainly under utilitarianism the doc should have not been fired or forced to act against his/her will.


You realize that you’re on a forum full of people who recognize that the morality here would be no different at all if a woman with a terminally ill 2 year old came to a doctor and demanded that said doctor give the child a lethal injection? Would a doctor who refused that scenario be reviled in your moral universe? :rolleyes:


Your viewpoint is absolutely horrifying. I hope and pray one day your eyes will be opened to the evil you promote.


The real outrage here, and evidence of how deeply the culture of death has permeated our society, is not that the Dr. was fired , its that the hospital performs abortions. One would think a country like Poland, home of Auschwitz, would get it.And of course we have the same problem in our country-in fact the abortion laws in the United States are much more liberal than they are in Poland. And as we saw with the recent contraception mandate we may soon see doctors in the United States faced with the same choice. May God have mercy on both of our country’s.


First off, please keep in mind that in Poland you cannot simply have an abortion like in the US. In Poland, abortion is only permitted in case of severe fetal malformations and under 24 weeks gestation. Also, you cannot simply pick up the phone to find another hospital, because there are very specific procedures which have to be followed. An abortion performed in violation of these procedures will earn the doctor 3 years in prison.

Yes, Dr. Chazan was legally allowed to refuse to perform an abortion himself. That is however beside the point, because that’s not what he did. He, acting as the ADMINISTRATOR of the hospital, said that the hospital will not perform said abortion. I.e. he effectively forbade all his subordinates to perform abortions, citing the conscience clause. Problem is, the conscience clause mentions only DOCTORS, not hospital ADMINISTRATORS – so his legal basis here was quite thin. But even if some court ruled that you can extend your conscience to your subordinates, there is another problem.
Despite the above, he (as the administrator) also signed the contract with the National Health Fund, which said that the hospital WILL perform abortions – i.e. he did not negotiate an exception. As a result, the NHF fined the hospital $20K for contract violation.

Also, it is not true that he refused to refer the patient to another hospital. He did. The other hospital however refused to perform the abortion on the grounds that the 24 weeks deadline has passed. Instead, the patient was admitted, gave birth via C-section at 28 weeks (IIRC) with the child dying 10 days later.

On top of that, the patient is now preparing a malpractice suit. The medical history shows that the fetal malformation (acrania) was clearly visible on a sonogram taken at 22 weeks. At this point, Dr. Chazan referred her for genetic testing which took another 2 weeks, so by the time he got the results back, the 24 week deadline has passed. The patient alleges that since the lack of fetus’ skull was clearly visible on the sonogram, genetic testing was redundant, and requesting it was either a sign of incompetence (i.e. failure to correctly interpret the sonogram) or intentionally prolonging things so the 24 weeks deadline would pass.

As to why hospitals in Poland perform abortions, you have to ask the pro-life activists who wrote the 1993 law, which outlawed elective abortion. It specifically says that legal abortions can be performed only in state hospitals.


FYI, Auschwitz-Birkenau was a German-operated facility, located in Germany. Please consult any map of Europe in the 1939-45 period.

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