Polish National Catholic Church's liturgical books

Does the Polish National Catholic Church use the same liturgical/ritual books as the Catholic Church?

As far as I can tell, no, but the mass is most similar, though there are a few differences, mostly in the opening rites. Here a good page at a PNCC parish in CT describing the order of their mass:


That appears to be the PNCC version of Novus Ordo. I know little about the PNCC, but if this account is at all accurate, it seems that they also continue to use the “traditional form” as well.

Taken from wikipedia, which I think was taken from the website at the link above:

During the late 19th century many new Polish immigrants to the U.S. became dismayed with the Catholic Church hierarchy. The U.S. Church had no Polish bishops and few Polish priests, and would not allow the Polish language to be taught in parish schools. Even though the mainly Irish and German bishops helped establish hundreds of parishes for Poles, it appears that pastors were usually unable to speak the Polish language, whereas the Polish immigrants in their turn had poor English proficiency. There were also disputes over who owned church property, particularly in Buffalo and Scranton, with the parishioners demanding greater control. Although the vast majority of Polish-Americans remained with the Roman Catholic Church, with bilingual Polish-American priests and bishops eventually being ordained, many Polish-Americans in the meantime came to believe that these conditions were a manifestation of “political and social exploitation of the Polish people.”(Mead 1995, pp. 220–222)

It’s funny. I remember growing up in PA near a predominantly “Polish” town that had a Catholic Church and a Polish National one. I even went to the Harvest Festival at the Polish National and ate some great Polish food (YUM!!!).

I guess had they persevered and “fought the good fight” instead of breaking away, they would have seen the changes they wanted not long afterward. In my parish growing up (which of course was the CC one in that particular town), the priest spoke Polish and the songs were in Polish (although the Mass was in English) and the people of the parish (in general) spoke Polish. (except for me, of course. I guess I had to be the maverick ;)). Both sides of my family are Polish and both sides grew up in that town. As a matter of fact, in their parish’s grade school, they learned both Polish and English.

They still - to the best of my knowledge - sing Polish songs and some of the families still speak Polish. I haven’t been to a Polish National mass - that I can remember, anyway. I do know the PNCC parish is still there, however. What I would be curious about, is the culture that grew around the Church. I am fascinated by the cultures that developed and grew around various Christian denominations (like Anglican in England, for instance). I would imagine that the PNCC has it’s own unique culture as well. I just hope that they reunite at some point with the CC, yet still preserve their unique culture.

Sorry about getting off topic. Back on topic, chaps. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would that be in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia? They have one.

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